Honda CRV Review – Excelling The Automobile Industry Since Generation

Honda CRV is a dependable automobile manufactured by Honda, a famous Japanese brand. It is unquestionably a winning formula for a family of SUVs, offering increased convenience and capability breadth. This is a very popular vehicle that combines dependability, efficiency, and practicality. Its all-wheel-drive capability promise to keep consumers pleased. The bundle of appreciation to the four-wheel drive allows it to spend most of its time pleasantly wandering about the town. Its excellent interior quality, pleasant passenger space, and extensive specification level enable it to outperform competitors. It comes standard with a 2.0-liter petrol engine that delivers a punchy but frugal performance. Additionally, it contributes to a more precise and convenient driving experience on highways.

Generational Changes

In 1995, the company released its first in-house design. It released exclusively at Honda Verno dealerships in Japan. The American industry first saw it during the 1996 Chicago Auto Show. Manufacturing of the first generation occurred until 2001, with facelifts to accommodate evolving consumer requirements. The engines offered were the B20Z and the B20B, both of which had a displacement of 2000 CC. Transmission options include a four-speed automatic and a five-speed manual.

The second version was manufactured from 2001 to 2006. It included the inclusion of a 2200 CC turbo diesel and a 2400 CC turbo diesel. Additionally, a six-speed manual gearbox and a five-speed automatic transmission were added to the transmission.

From 2006 until 2012, the third generation transmission came to the market, with the first generation transmission being discontinued.

The fourth generation, which began with 2012 vehicles, had just a five-speed automatic CVT and a six-speed manual transmission. Until this point, used cars for sale in Kenya have also grown in popularity.

At First Glance

The Honda CRV has a robust and attractive appearance, available in a variety of colors. The vehicle’s unibody structure contributes to its minimal weight and cheap cost. Due to the mass production of automobile components, the long-term manufacturing costs are lowered. By manufacturing the body and framework simultaneously, the structure’s weight is decreased as well. In specialized stock, the vehicle is available in the following colors, i.e., blue, red, beige and green. These are manufactured in small quantities and are priced more than standard stock. Silver, Black, and White are the most common colors with medium, low, and high demand, respectively. Due to the increased exposure of the White Honda CRV, which results in more manufacturing, demand is greatest, whereas the price is lowest. Alloy wheels increase the tire’s value. The roof rail allows for extra baggage of various sizes on the vehicle’s top.

Eye-catching Exterior

The exterior is sufficiently appealing, with alloy wheels and a roof rail for a rugged appearance. The Alloy Wheel adds elegance to the tire, while the Roof Rail facilitates luggage transportation. Other optional features on the Honda CR-V include folding Side Mirrors for better driving visibility and a one-touch sunroof for a closer connection to nature. The tilting side mirrors ensured that you did not have to adjust the mirror manually in a confined space. At the same time, the simplicity of driving came in useful as well.

Impressive Interior

The ECON button enhances the interior’s comfort while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency. If it compromises your performance, you may simply press the button again to restore Normal mode. The intelligent Multi-Information Display (iMID) has mastered the art of rapid indication. Whether it’s a gasoline use, an incoming text message, or anything else, it’s all handled perfectly.

The Eco Assist feature significantly enhances the value of the Honda CR-V by increasing performance efficiency. If the screen is green, it indicates that the gas tank is okay to use or a refill is required.

The Safety

The Honda CRV’s seat belts include a three-point connection, protecting the lap and chest and preventing jerking during an emergency stop or abrupt collision. The severity of the accident determines the quantity of airbag inflation. The more intense the shock, the more exposed the Air Bag, which protects your body from injury. Even passenger-side airbags are there to ensure your comfort as the front occupant.

Fuel Economy

Following the 2020 redesign, non-hybrid CR-Vs have a 1.5-liter turbo-four engine producing 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque. Although just a CVT automatic gearbox is available, Honda provides both FWD and AWD option. The CR-V has a city/highway rating of 27-28/32-34 mpg, with FWD versions showing modest benefit. Tests revealed that the AWD variant accelerates to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds, nearly identical to the more economical AWD-0nly hybrid, which achieves 40/35 mpg.

Excellent Level Specification

Honda CRV is an endearing small runabout that checks nearly all of the satisfaction boxes. It is a versatile commuting vehicle that places a premium on driving pleasure and ride comfort. This car is bigger, roomier, and well-built than other rivals. The interior is roomy, with a seven-seat configuration. Except for the third-row seats, which are excellent for youngsters, the seats are really comfy for lengthy journeys. While the leather upholstery is of high quality, the fit and finish seem more upscale. It has a huge 536-liter trunk capacity behind the back seats. However, when the seats folded, the cargo area expanded to 1786 liters, making it one of the biggest in its segment.

It also comprises a Honda Sensing suite, currently standard for all variants. Safety technologies include lane-keeping assistance, emergency braking, and automated cruise control, providing a high degree of security when driving.

Smart on Road

The Power Steering System coordinates the steering wheel and tires so that movement becomes easy. In combination, acceleration and braking satisfy the performance criterion. Furthermore, it precisely controls the weight between the wheels, rotation and braking.

The power supplied on each wheel aids in gaining control on the road. When the car comes into contact with the road, the Anti-Lock Braking System prevents it from locking up. Automatic cadence and threshold braking keep the traffic slip to a minimum. The Traction Control System’s purpose is to balance the engine’s torque and throttle input. All of this adds to the Honda CRV being a sensible choice on a variety of routes.


The Honda CRV is a compact SUV that offers plenty of excitement for both driver and passengers. At first sight, a visually appealing design and a roomy interior are convincing. The engines seem to be somewhat undersized at first sight.

The Honda CRV is available with a variety of optional equipment, including specific security packages and a multimedia system. Automatically switching to low-traction wheel drive provides superior road grip and efficiency in the Honda CRV. While it is not a real off-roader, it copes securely and confidently on unpaved routes.


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