Here’s Why Having a Touchless Halloween Photobooth is a Good Idea

The COVID pandemic has literally changed everything about life. It has altered the lifestyle of the general public in such a way that nothing seems normal anymore. 

All the events, celebrations, and activities are limited, with everyone being super paranoid of catching the virus. 

It has surely taken the fun out of our lives. However, technology has surely taken some steps towards making things a little joyous. 

It has come up with software, applications, and gadgets that keep people far from each other, yet they can enjoy in unison despite being contactless. Partying on zoom, unlimited hours of a video call on WhatsApp, and touchless photobooths are some prime examples of it. 

The Halloween photo booth props ensure that you don’t touch any props yet take amazing pictures of yourself.

Safety Comes First!

The Coronavirus has been around the corner for more than two years now. It comes and goes in cycles, getting intense at times and showing slow down signs for some months. Nonetheless, it is still lurking around, requiring everyone to be extremely cautious of it and take all the steps to keep them safe from getting infected with it.

Celebrations and parties are now a far-reaching idea. No one really wants to mingle with others and join gatherings, enhancing the chances of coming in contact with the virus. Touching the phone screen to take pictures, picking up some props to look fun, and grabbing the camera, everything has an element of risk in it.

Now that everyone has made safety a priority, how does one have fun? How does one take super cool pictures and put them on Instagram? 

Things are not that gloomy yet! The touchless Halloween photoetch is an idea that lets you take full advantage of the advancement in technology and enjoy Halloween to its fullest.

Skipping the Photobooth

Physically touching the props is a big NO this season. Most of the time, people who arrange Halloween parties rent out photo booths, which many other clients use before them. In the times of COVID, this practice can get extremely dangerous. It has the potential to bring the virus into your contact, infecting you and your family members. A clean and disinfected photo booth is what you need, and nothing can be better than the one you don’t even need to touch while taking pictures.

With this season being the season of get-to-gathers and parties, you must be itching to throw one yourself as well. If this is so, make sure to skip the physical photo booth this time and go for the digital one. It wouldn’t let you or your guests touch the props; rather all the props would be there on the screen.

The Novel Concept

The concept of this touchless photo booth is that you don’t need to touch the Halloween props or even your phone, yet you will be able to take pictures just like you celebrated it to the fullest. The simple phenomenon simply requires you to make some intuitive gestures that will initiate a countdown, save the image or retake it and then scan a QR code that would let your phone download all the pictures instantly.

The Step to Follow…

  1.  Being the host of the event, you need to enable the event option for your guests. This is a simple process that requires you to go to the option of events and then select the occasion/event you are planning.
  2.  Once you have selected the event, you need to make it available for your guests. For that, choose the option ‘QR interaction.’ This option will show you the QR code, which will create a link between you, your phone, and the event. Simply download the code and showcase it on a photobooth by printing it. Your guests will use it to connect their phones with the app.
  3.  If you are a super considerate host, you can even send the QR link to all your guests through the app before the event.
  4.   When your guests enter your party, they will reach the photo booth and see the QR code. Scanning the code into their camera through the smartphones will let them enter the application.
  5.  You can display the official website of the Touchless Halloween Props app on the Photobooth as well. The guests will enter the site through their web browser and check out the available props.
  6.  While using the app, they don’t need to touch the phone. By a simple gesture of raising the hand, they can choose the prop and take pictures. Furthermore, they can also retake the picture or save the previous one by the same gesture.
  7.  Once done, they can enter their emails into the required spot, and the pictures will be sent to their emails officially.


Risking your life by holding various props at a Halloween during the COVID period is seriously not fine! Taking preventive measures is important to keep your health secure. Hence, this is when you can take maximum benefits from the advancement of technology and use it to keep your hands away from touching unnecessary items.

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