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A new variety of Netflix scams takes over the airwaves ever so often. The commonest is the Netflix scam that comes with a compromised link. Phishing emails is one general approach scammers prefer when targeting consumers who ever learn. The reason most Netflix scams involve phishing is that this way, they can easily attempt to access clients’ vital financial info. It is also easier for scammers to get lists of Netflix subscribers. How to Avoid Netflix Scams

thus becomes a staple of scammers. Till you get wise to their shenanigans and skullduggeries. It’s relatively eBay getting the hang of the scammers’ modus operandi. 

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is 

Trust your gut immediately when you get an offer from any source that promises you a lot for zilch. Consign the mail to the rubbish bin, label it as a scam mail. When it seeks to lead you up the garden path – to a link to No place, you know you are living a scam. The bait was something to do with free or horrendously cheap Netflix services for a year or so. That was the bait. When the link leads you to a form that asks for your vital bank info, that’s the phishing tackle. For you have fallen for them hook, line, and sinker. 

See the website for the scam that it is 

When you get a text message vouchsafing free Netflix, you ought to recognize it immediately as a scam. In a variant, many subscribers offered Netflix free Netflix for a year as encouragement that clients should stay at home during the Pandemic. The purported Netflix message reads to the effect that Netflix is offering all clients a free year of service to enable their staying at home. The message then exhorts clients to click the link to sign up for the free offer. 

Upon clicking the link, Netflix clients are taken to a site where they are instructed to give out their vital bank details and a payment method. Those who fall in hook, line, and sinker fail to see that the site where this is all taking place is not the real McCoy. This is a fake website, and Netflix will not be sent the info credulous clients are feeding into the form that asks for full bank details. Looking around the webpage will give at least couple of clues as to the scam character of the site.  

Rather than lazily hoping for the best, Netflix clients should take a proactive approach. But, again, vigilance is key, and everyone should know what separates an ersatz site from a genuine one. 

Spotting and avoiding Netflix phishing emails

Netflix phishing emails can hit out of the blue, too. Like Jove’s thunderbolts. You have to rearrange your wits and not take in the bait. 

It has happened before. Lest it fool folk again, we should be prepared. A phishing email may come your way, purportedly from Netflix, informing you that your billing account had a problem and that you have to ‘login now’. Clicking the link will take you to what looks very much like legit Netflix. 

Tell-tale signs 

Frequently, phishing emails have flawed grammar, punctuation, and, to a degree, non-standard spelling. 

If the message is too palsy or carries a sense of urgency, that is a tell-tale sign. If you are being rushed to decide something, then you are being herded into a scam. You cannot be made to act without fair consideration first. 

Taking the phishing mail apart

It should not be too hard to find who sent the email. Hovering your cursor over the sent link also ought to indicate where it would lead. Also, the email signature can be given a search over the search engine. 

Compartmentalizing your email 

You should break up your emails into broad categories. For example, one set of emails  could be received in a dedicated mail account devoted just to payments. Your other email accounts, when they thusly receive phishing mails, will be able to label the latter as such. Lastly, a throwaway email account should be considered, not for vital info, but for sundry social media sites, professional networking sites, and job search websites. 


Vigilance and an awareness of the genuine/fake dichotomy that characterizes the manner in which we deal with scam mails are all that you need to sidestep embarrassing scams. Better insight leads to better organization. Both time and money are saved in the process. How to Avoid Netflix Scams is best answered by ‘due vigilance’. 

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