Header Card Packaging: Create Great Impact with Header Card at Low Cost

Are you a businessman/woman who has a large stock of products, or is it a start-up? You should consider custom header card packaging as the best packaging option for you and your business. This is an economical way to package your products. There is no need to spend a lot of money on product marketing tools. A stapler serves to attach the custom fold over packaging labels to poly bags.

Bag toppers with full-colour personalization can help reduce the overall cost of bags. The price of bulk header cards printing can be lowered by increasing the quantity. There are many leading companies that provide custom header card printing that meets your need perfectly. Let’s find out more about custom header card packaging and how to use them to get your products onto the shelves.


Increased Use of Fold-over Header Cards

Many peoples, whether they are shoppers or not, come across many brands and products every day as they walk past shops. Some grab the attention of passers-by while others are ignored. A customer’s purchase decision is influenced by the packaging of a product. There are many ways that your product packaging can enhance the brand’s image. The blank header cards for packaging are one of the most cost-effective and easy to use with your product and promote your product at a low cost.

The custom header is a great packaging tool for businesses. People are always trying to reduce the gap between their income and expenses due to increasing inflation rates around the world. Businesses are always trying to implement low-volume packaging strategies in order to reduce their expense. They are also using custom-sized boxes and PVC bags with header cards for their success.

Nearly all industries use custom header cards to package their products at minimal charges. This helps increase visibility and maximize sales and profitability for the retailer. It can be customized in any colour, shape, or size according to the brand’s needs and desires.


Benefits of Bag Toppers/Blank Header Cards Packaging are:

  • Maximize sales and productivity in medium and small businesses
  • Your company will grow faster if you get results.
  • They are unique in their functionality and offer marketing for free.
  • Attract multiple customers to purchase packaged products
  • For cost-effective marketing, you can also make recycled header cards
  • You can personalize it to any shape or custom design
  • Header cards are highly recommended because they are economical and affordable.

The top of the bag has holes to hang it, a crease at its midpoint to allow for easy fitting with staples and two glued panels to hold the header cards. High-quality printing can be used to personalize header cards.

There are many printing teams that can help you with any printing issues, whether it’s business cards or custom header cards. They try to make your experience with us easy and smooth. To stay ahead of the pack, use the premium cardstock and printing options. Your header card packaging can be seamless by printing the product image on the backside of the card using matte or gloss lamination and embossing your brand logo.

Custom header cards packaging is a great marketing tool for brands and retailers to attract customers’ attention. People love to buy smaller quantities of things. Your business will benefit from the printed header cards that are attached to small poly bags and boxes. They also aid retailers in reaching their potential clients.


How to Make a Great Impact with Header cards Packaging

Select a size for your header cards – You can print your card in different sizes depending on your requirements. You can choose from three sizes of header cards, or you can customize them to fit your requirements. Your header card should be at least 1/8th inch wider than the width of the polybag. The product may dictate the height of your bag topper. Businesses usually use a longer header card when their product is heavier.

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Create Your Bag Topper – To ensure there are no white margins around your header card, bleed is essential. Keep in mind, however, that artwork is printed on one half-folded sheet of paper. The top half of your paper must be upside down. For custom header printing, you can use both the front and back sides. You can add any additional information to the card’s inner side and hide it.

Choose the Card Hole Punch – You have two options when hole punching custom headers: the regular card punch or the sombrero punch. The polybag is not the best packaging option for smaller products. You can choose from the prestige cardstock selection and design and print on thicker stock. Attach the custom header card and slit it.

Choose Ideal Platform to Print Custom Headers

You now know that custom header cards can be a cost-effective way to brand products. Simply add them to opaque plastic bags to instantly establish brand ownership. There are many online business customer service teams that can help you make something that will make your product stand out from the rest and attract customers’ attention. There are many great deals and discounts offered by many companies in different seasons to make your purchase more enjoyable and memorable.

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