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Harsh Binani on Technology Usage in Office Spaces 

Harsh Binani is the co-founder of Smartworks, India’s leading Platform for shared office space to Business Enterprises. He joined Smartworks with 7 years of experience in real estate and management consulting. He has worked with one of the world’s biggest consulting firms, Mckinsey in Chicago.

Harsh Binani joined Smartworks intending to enhance the client and workforce experience with the help of technology in the managed office spaces. He believes that tech-enabled office spaces are the new normal for both employers and employees.

Recent Interview with Harsh Binani

In his recent interview, Harsh Binani stated that the pandemic has been a booster for the coworking industry, specifically Smartworks. Post Covid-19, Companies have opened their offices and Smartworks has seen massive growth in terms of land acquisition and profitability.

Entrepreneurs are now opting for cost-efficient and hassle-free solutions to split the work at more than one location by acquiring or leasing out office spaces to offer maximum flexibility to their employees.

In addition to that, Harsh Binani also confirmed that Smartworks has done more business in the last six months than in the last six years. Harsh Binani also said that office spaces are not just limited to workstations or official desks of every other employee but also a holistic experience.

When it comes to offering a whole new experience to the workforce, Smartworks is also offering different amenities like snooze rooms, gaming zones, cafeterias, pantries, smart stores, gyms, and much more. 

Post-covid It has been a major challenge for businesses to return to their offices and begin day-to-day operations. We have large campuses with world-class amenities to attract the workforce and ensure higher-than-average returns to the office – Harsh Binani added.

The idea is to create an engaging environment in offices that feels like home to employees while ensuring that they get enough opportunities to maintain their work-life balance. 

Harsh Binani is also the Director of TalbotFORCE which aims to redesign the traditional structure of facility management and promote hygiene by eliminating inefficiencies. Harsh Binani’s TalbotFORCE is one of the leading real estate management companies that have clients in 23 cities in India.

With Harsh Binani’s direction and leadership, the company is growing by using advanced technology and a highly skilled workforce with the motive of efficiently managing commercial properties. TalbotFORCE offers different services like Disinfection services, housekeeping services and so on.

How Technology is Enhancing Experience in the Office Spaces 

Technology is playing a prominent role in enhancing the office space for both employers and employees. Using tech tools and equipment in the corporate sector has become new normal since the beginning and downfall of Covid-19. The coming age of technology is going to be more advanced and accurate. This will definitely create a huge impact on the employees and productivity.  

Harsh Binani believes that workspaces are now focusing on an employee-centric environment by developing the spaces as per the needs of the employees.

The structure of the office spaces is now being designed by considering the requirements and flexibility of the employees. Let’s now understand how technology is enhancing the overall experience in shared office spaces and facility management. 

Impact of Technology on Managed Office Spaces 

Hot Desking:

Hot desking is one of the most famous concepts in modern-day managed office spaces. This concept works on the first come and first served model. Get rid of your fixed desk at the workplace.

With the help of technology, you can now book any seat in prior and work on that station without the interference of any other employee. Hot desking is one of the major elements of technological enhancement that eliminates the concept of traditionally fixed workstations.

Touchless Solutions:

Because of Covid-19, companies had to come up with effective solutions, and fortunately they did.  Touchless solutions are one of the most advantageous concepts for both employers and employees. With the help of touchless solutions, things are becoming more convenient for the workforce.  

IoT Sensors:

It is the tech development only that has invented IoT, or the Internet of Things. IoT is all about creating a collective network of different devices and using technology that enhances communication between the cloud and devices. With the help of IoT, communication with the devices has become easier and more efficient for employees.

Customized Office Spaces:

Customized office space is also one of the most recent trends in the corporate sector. With the help of technology, we can now design the layout of office spaces as per the requirements of the clients and their workforce.   

Harsh Binani believes that the tech enhancements will assist the corporate sector to achieve new heights of success in the next coming years. With Smartworks, Harsh is aiming towards creating the most engaging office experience for the workforce as well as the clients.

Employing the latest technology in office spaces will increase the productivity of the workforce. Smartworks is currently providing managed office spaces in 11 different cities in India that are Delhi – NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Indore, Bangalore, and Chennai. 

Impact of Technology on Facility Management 

Managing Work Process Flow:

Technology is also assisting facility management because it helps in monitoring and managing the work process flows effectively. The managers can always keep a check on the productivity and efficiency of the workforce and implement required changes for enhanced productivity. 

Maintaining the Operational Costs:

Maintaining and reducing the operational cost is the prime objective of any business organization. Facility Management is one such industry that pays close attention to operational costs. the use of technology at the right places can help them to reduce the cost and maximize productivity.

Managing Projects:

The facility manager needs to keep an eye on different projects that are operating on daily basis at different locations. With technology, we can manage projects more effectively by dividing the members into different tasks and streamlining the processes.

Therefore, this is how technology is playing its part and enhancing the overall experience of shared office spaces and the facility management sector. Advanced technology empowers facility management in several ways.

One can easily access information or data for organizational benefits purposes. Teams can coordinate and communicate on different projects and share information quickly. 

Harsh Binani, Founder and Co-Founder of TalbotFORCE and Smartworks is passionate about technological advancements . Considering the nature of your business and incorporating technological advancement is what makes a business entrepreneur successful. 

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