Get More Website Leads & Grow Your Sales

Get More Website Leads & Grow Your Sales

How does your business generate leads with seo and ppc? Most of you would say- referrals, word-of-mouth publicity, participation in business events, and the like. Though some of you would mention your website or digital marketing, some others might think that these are ‘insignificant channels’ to get leads.

My friends, you are so mistaken! There are still so many business owners who do not take website development seriously. They just hire an inexperienced web developer to make a website just for the sake of being found online.

Some others just make a website for free, just because some of their clients need them to make one. They are indifferent to the reality- you need a professional web development company to design, develop and maintain your website with SEO services to get crucial leads online.

Here is how you can get more website leads-

Leave no stone unturned

If you aim to grow your business, you cannot ignore any potential source of leads. Who knows, you might get an inquiry that transforms your business. Though your business may be getting strong leads from referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, investment in digital marketing platforms like your website, social media marketing, SEO and PPC paid ads can catapult your business to unimaginable heights. In this era of crowded marketplaces, if you want to stand out, you will need to get leads from all sources to stand out.

Write eye-catching content

People have very short attention spans. Nobody is going to read large paragraphs of content to understand something. What only works is visual and succinct content. This means your complete website, even though it is for a targeted niche, needs to be written and designed in a way that even a seventh-grader can understand. Use video, visuals, and GIFs everywhere to help people understand the website.

Show how your product/service can benefit them

People don’t like to hear pushy sales pitches. Instead, they would appreciate help in any form for your niche. Instead of highlighting your product’s features, you could help them solve common problems they face in their niche. For instance, if you sell plywood, you could have blogs, videos, or other content that helps interior designers and carpenters find unique solutions to common issues they face. This could also contain content that does not have to do anything with plywood. 

Have strong Call-to-actions

Your Call-to-action should motivate visitors to avail the benefits. Instead of having generic CTAs like ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Submit’, you could use ‘Get your free trial today’ or ‘Get a free consultation today’. Research has shown how interactive CTA’s can help get better leads than generic CTAs.

Create interesting visuals

Don’t use photos just for the sake of them- each photo should tell a story. You cannot just use any photo you found on Google to add to your website, you will have to ensure its source is genuine. Many use watermarked stock photos on their websites. This is, however, illegal. You could be fined if the owner found out. 

It is best to purchase stock photos or get visuals made by a graphic designer for the best solutions.

Publish user reviews and testimonials on your website

Reviews and testimonials are the only way you can get social proof for your product. Your potential leads want to know about the experiences of other existing clients for your product. In fact, reviews are the main deciding factors that help customers make a buying decision.

Keep experimenting

With Digital Marketing, you can always run tests when it comes to what attracts conversions. This could mean changing the copy on your website or PPC ads to find out what works and what doesn’t. For example, if you are a legal firm in New York, you can change your PPC services in New York ad copy to suit something that Google accepts or helps you stand out.

Add micro-conversions

Many websites just have a single ‘contact us’ form to get conversions. However, this may not be enough if you are trying to get more leads. You need to offer more on the website like free newsletters, webinars, whitepapers, or eBooks. This, along with interesting and motivating content can help you catch more leads.

Wrap Up

You need to consistently invest in digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and PPC advertisements to get sales-ready leads. Though things may not look so good initially, your patience and investments will bear fruit in the long run. 

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