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Lawyer Sonimar Lozada is famous for quickly and efficiently identifying crucial legal issues. Her sophisticated negotiation skills will assist you in avoiding costly legal fees. She’s proficient in written and verbal Spanish as well as English. It is her job to be certified as a Florida lawyer by contract. She is Florida business attorney

Internal advisor and In-house advisor

Our Florida business attorney will support your business’s growth by providing the best strategic plan, transaction as well as contractual agreements and practical advice. Regarding the day-today operations of our clients.

Real Estate Law-Real Estate

Florida Lawyer for Business Sony Lozada can offer counsel regarding the transfer of property. She can also look over your contract in order to determine which type of deed might be suitable for your specific situation.

Landlord/Tenant lawLaw of Landlords and tenants

Landlord/Tenants Law Attorney Lozada will advise you on the legal aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship, in the event that disputes arise in relation to leases for residential properties, security deposits or rent reductions, lease covenants or lease termination.


Contractual Law: When you must make contracts with your clients, suppliers customers, suppliers, as well as your employees and employees. Your Florida attorney for contracts Sony Lozada will help you to draft the necessary documents carefully and professionally.

Florida Business Attorney Sonny Lozada

Lawyers practicing legal practice in Florida have passed rigorous character. Fitness checks along with a thorough exam. They must also meet certain legal requirements for continuing education. Attorneys must complete at minimum 30 hours of training approved for lawyers, at least every three years. Five hours must be in the field of law, ethical conduct or professionalism. This includes the certifying of awareness of mental health and substance abuse courses.

Certain lawyers decide to go into the field of law in a solo business and others are employ by law firms with a diverse amount of lawyers. It could be a firm that is dedicated to the law in general and can manage a wide range of legal concerns. Some firms may concentrate their expertise and knowledge on particular areas of law such as personal injury, real estate. Therefore, they are experts in business law along with tax. Florida legal counsel for business can assist you with the start of the business.

There are lawyers that have clinics that are legal in malls, or chains of stores. These can be helpful with basic issues like divorce that is uncontested or a routine can be handled. They usually charge less as they’re based on volume. Alo make use of simple forms and focus on the most crucial task, which is routine.

The most efficient suggestions usually come from people who have hired an attorney.

hich is within the Bar Association website. The page for attorney profiles , scroll down until you find the words “10 year report of discipline’. If there’s no evidence of disciplinary actions then”none will be displayed on the right beside the attorney’s name. “yes” appears together with links that lead you to the paperwork associated to the discipline. The information is useful to contact an attorney regarding the matter.

A brand-new service that is expanding in Florida and different states are the prepay legal services plans. Through a pre-paid legal plan, a person or group of people pay a price similar to the amount that is paid for life insurance in order to get consulting and advice with no costs, and charges that can be determined by service. Before you hire an attorney. Or think you may need one, ensure you know whether your employer, union or another group which you are a member offers the legal services plan prepay as perk.

Florida contract review

There are a variety of Florida bar associations that provide attorney referral services. These services will allow you to get an initial appointment with an attorney for a reduced fee (local bar association-sponsored program charges. Sony Lozada is Florida business attorney. Contact her at

A new way of helping people find lawyers is by using commercial services for referrals to lawyers. These typically pool the marketing capabilities of lawyers and offer an toll-free central number. When potential clients dial, they will be directed to an attorney that is members of this service.

A majority of the counties in Florida provide public defenders and legal aid offices. They provide legal aid at free or at a cost lower for those who are unable to pay for an lawyer. Legal aid offices are able to provide assistance in certain non-criminal cases that include low wages or disputes between lenders, tenants and borrowers as well as family-related issues. Public defense lawyers deal with criminal cases that involve people in need.

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