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Fire Extinguishers: A Friend That We Never Prioritize

When we hear the two words ‘fire extinguisher’, a heavy red cylinder comes to our mind within a moment. And most of us immediately starts considering it useless. They find it sitting idle in the small glass box hanging from the wall, doing nothing for years. But that is not true. Fire extinguishers are lifesavers and the people who have faced fire disasters in their life. They were invented to save people from fire and do their job properly.

Fire extinguishers are must-have fire safety products that should be present at every building, including our homes. Usually, they can be found at shopping malls, offices, companies, hotels etc., but we do not find it essential at our home. We should get out of this wrong idea. We can prioritize our safety by getting a fire extinguisher. And buying a properly working fire extinguisher does not cost you much. Additionally, it helps us to extinguish a small-sized fire that is caused by some unfortunate incident. Thus, it stops from growing and causing a more significant mishap.

The Indian city Raiganj has been facing a lot of fire disasters in the past few days. Hence, to combat this situation, people had to approach the nearest fire station, commonly known as the ‘Fire safety service providers in Raiganj.‘ These fire safety services in Raiganj have become far better than before along with the whole country, and this is quite exciting.

Fire: Why is It Feared by All?

Fire is the earliest invention of the human species, and they invented it for good reasons, while being completely certain that fire may be equally harmful and constructive. With fire, you can never be reckless. We all recognize its power by its look, yet most do not know what it is comprised of.

Fire combustion occurs when flammable things like paper, wood, oil, or coal are combined with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, heat, and waste gases. Some activation energy is used in its production, among which, it includes- sun, burners with flame, overheated machine etc. Once the combustion takes place, the fire keeps on growing and spreading. It causes damage due to the excessive heat it produces and the poisonous gases that suffocate the living beings.

Fire can burn and kill people. It can also suffocate you with its gases and can also fed on oxygen. When a fire occurs, it keeps on consuming all the oxygen nearby, thereby leaving you breathless. Fire not only takes lives but also causes massive damage to your property and things. If one fails to extinguish it as soon as it breaks out, it can spread in the neighbourhood, turning your locality into ashes. So, managing fire is a big step we should take whenever we get in such a situation.

The Types of Fire Extinguishers and Their Uses:

One can get four types of fire extinguishers in the market to choose from. They contain separate substances and work in different ways to extinguish the fire. These four types are:

  • Water fire extinguishers

  • CO2 fire extinguishers

  • Foam fire extinguishers

  • Powder fire extinguishers

1. Water Fire Extinguishers:

Water fire extinguishers contain water and N2 or CO2 as propellants. It uses water to decrease the produced heat and also stops the oxygen supply to the fire.

2. CO2 Fire Extinguishers:

It has liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide in it. CO2 being a non-flammable gas does not help the fire to exist. Instead, when one uses the extinguisher, it gets released in a considerable amount and stops the supply of oxygen to the fire. It exists in the form of gas at room temperature as well. As a result, as the liquid CO2 exits the cylinder, it consumes the heat generated by the fire to convert to its gaseous state. Additionally, it aids in the extinguishment of the fire.

3. Foam Fire Extinguishers:

It contains water and foam, including nitrogen as the propellant. Putting a thin layer of foam on the fire cuts off the oxygen supply to it. The cold foam also absorbs the heat produced by the fire.

4. Powder Fire Extinguishers:

They are full of dry chemical powders and nitrogen as the propellant. By spraying the powder on the fire helps to put it off appropriately. The chemical powder absorbs the heat. It also melts down and covers the fire, cutting off its oxygen supply.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, a fire extinguisher can help us to get rid of life-threatening fire disasters. We all use fire this way or that at home, making the break out of it very quickly. Carefulness is mandatory while using the fire, but accidents happen. Fire safety products are readily available in the city now with the help of firefighting suppliers and dealers of fire safety equipments in Raiganj. The fire safety shelter in Raiganj has already proved its importance of fire management in the city. It is hoped that now people will be more aware of the damages that fire causes and will take steps to stop any disaster caused by it.

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