Finding the Best Payroll System

When deciding which payroll system you are going to use, you will need to make several considerations. Choosing the best payroll system for your company will be a business decision. You will need to find the software that gives you everything that you need for your payroll submissions. 

It would be best if you decided exactly what you need from the system you are looking to use before you sign any agreements. Some payroll systems have a limit on the number of staff they can process payroll for. Others provide payroll calculations only and do not provide you with the paystubs

Doing your research is the only way to get what you need at the best possible price. We have set out some ideas of what to look for when viewing payroll systems. 



How easy is the system to use? If the payroll system is easy to use, anyone within the company should be able to complete payroll easily and quickly. If you pick a more complex payroll system, it may result in extensive training costs or errors that will take time to correct. If you have a good enough payroll system, you will need only a basic knowledge of payroll. The best payroll systems will do everything for you and provide all of the paperwork to print, saving your business training costs and the cost of wages for a payroll expert. 

What is your alternative? If you do not purchase a payroll system, what will you do instead? Do you have an alternative computer program that will help your business to complete manual payroll? If you do, this could save you the cost of a payroll system. However, you will then need to have someone who is highly trained in payroll to complete the payroll, which could increase wage costs. A specialist in payroll would be required as a payroll system would complete assurance checks that would then need to be manually completed. 

How much does the system cost? The answer to this question is variable depending on the software that you choose, the features it includes, and the level of complexity of the software. The best thing about using a payroll system is that you can make your purchase solely based on what your business needs. If you are setting up payroll for the first time, you may not know exactly what your needs are. It would be beneficial to try out payroll systems that allow you to take a free trial before you decide which to purchase. 

Who will be completing payroll? It is best when choosing which payroll system is the best one for the business that you consider the ability of the person using the software. If you have someone completing payroll who is a beginner with computer software, you may need to choose a more basic software. If you are choosing software that you will not be using yourself, you could consult with the person who will be completing it to get their thoughts on the system.

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