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Find Out The Types Of 3.5mm Stereo Cables

3.5 jack cables are one of the best features of an audio component. These stereo cables are designed specifically for usage in computer audio applications. Moreover, these 3.5 mm jack extension cables are also used to connect the source with a receiver to deliver an excellent sound boost. In addition, you can also use these cables to connect a PC sound card, portable CD player to a multimedia speaker, or a mini-stereo audio device.

There are many types of 3.5mm jack audio cables out there, and all of them feature a 3.5 mm connector as well.

These connectors can connect headphones and earphones. So, how does that even work, you might ask. Well, the input for the connector can come from various devices like PCs, mp3 players, smartphones, DVD players, etc. The connector combinations that are used in 3.5 mm stereo cables vary accordingly. However, the result remains the same- that is, offering a great sound quality.

So, in this article, we shall discuss the types of 3.5mm stereo cables and how they differ from one another.

Check Out The Types Of 3.5mm Stereo Cables That Are Good – 3.5 mm jack extension

There are a variety of cables that can be designed into 3.5mm cables for stereo purposes. So without further ado, let’s check them out at a glance.

Mini Plug To RCA Cable

If you want a cable for connecting iPods and stereos to a computer device, you will be using these types of cables. One end of the cable has 3.5 connectors, while the other has two color codes plugs of RCA.

As it usually happens with RCA cables, the red plug is for the right stereo while the white one is for the left cord or mono cord. It’s worth mentioning that Ibraonline keeps a good collection of these types of cables and others on this list at a fairly decent rate. This Mini plug to Rca cables provides a great listening experience as they can optimize the signals.

Female Jack To RCA

Next, we have another type of 3.5 jack that’s a really good type of connecting cable for extension purposes. If you want to extend the cables of your headphone, then you can easily do that using this cable.

This cable has the usual 3.5 mm connector, while the other end sports two RCA connectors. Therefore, you can easily connect the devices with these cables.

Stereo Headphone/Earphone Jack Splitter

This cable has one 3.5mm male connector at one end and two female connectors of 3.5 at the other, enabling you to connect the output to two stereos or headphones. As we can guess, this cable can split the sound of the music system, such as headphones, but there’s no stereo effect. Since it transmits only one stereo signal through the cable, you won’t have that stereo effect.

Headphone Extension

So, you can use this cable for headphone extension purposes. In other words, you can extend the length of the headphone cable. This extension cable has one male 3.5 connectors at one end and a female connector at the other. These cables can easily vary in length from 6ft to 100ft. However, the length doesn’t affect the sound quality as such, unless it’s faulty.

You can use this cable to connect the audio output from tv to headphones/earphones if you want. So, it’s convenient if you want to have a personal space and avoid disturbing others around you.

Final thoughts:

So these were a few examples of 3.5mm connecting cables. The jack to jack cable connectors are efficient and can be convenient for you to use.


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