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Fashion Accessories 2022

Buying some fashion accessories for women as a gift for an occasion is always a good idea because all women need to refresh their wardrobe with new hats, watches, scarves, bags, why not, with jewelry.

If you know the person well, you can go for assertive styles, and conversely, with the accessories, it is possible to stay on the great classics, colors that are easy to wear. The handbag or a clutch can be a great gift idea and to avoid missteps, preferably turn to brands adored by most women such as LANCEL bags.

Scarf, the most practical accessory 

Always chic and fashionable: the Silk or satin scarf is the scarf that allows you to achieve the most fashionable look, the possibilities are endless. Giving a square silk or satin scarf to a friend, to her daughter, to her sister, to her mom, is the guaranteed choice for a gift that always pleases women.

Autumn trend: a scarf for every look

Fall hues are always darker than in winter, navy blue, bottle-green, and burgundy red remain the favorite colors for this fall. Men also get into it and always wear it a little more. Whatever its color, it will match all your clothes, once rolled around the neck it brings both warmth and softness, it’s incredible How good we feel with him. Women and scarves, it’s a real love story. It is a widely used fashion accessory. It allows women to add shine to their hair, enhance their complexion and add value to what they have worn. What are the hottest scarves today?

Watches as a luxury gift 

Women’s watches are one of those essential accessories that allow you to finish off an outfit and highlight your personality. Watches say a lot about their owner. For decades, luxury women’s watches have been enhanced by the talent of renowned watch brands such as Cartier, Rolex, Chanel, Hermés …

Generally, women like to own several models of watches so that they can change them with the seasons and events. Different types of watches are found in a jewelry boxes. For example, casual style watches for everyday wear, elegant wristwatches for parties, pop and colorful watches for the summer season … In short, we play without moderation with the watch we wear on our wrist.

Not only luxe gift but also for daily use 

Watches are usually offered with a metal or leather strap. These bracelets have advantages and disadvantages, especially in summer. Leather cannot take sea salt, and metal watches can be heavy on the wrist. It is possible to opt for a watch with a plastic silicone strap, the SWATCH brand is the one that has worked a lot on this type of strap. Very little fragile, the silicone bracelet can be tinted in any color, be transparent or even offer original prints.

Bags to finalize the total look

The medium black one, this type of bag is an almost essential classic for all women. Opt for a model simple enough so that it can accompany your various everyday looks. For this basic bag, also avoid the gold or silver elements on this black handbag, so it will be easier to match all your jewelry. On the other hand, it is possible to have a second black bag with gold or silver metal elements to add a more elegant touch to your style.

The chic bag for cocktails

The latter bag can take the form of a clutch, a minaudière, or a small bag worn on the shoulder. For weddings, baptisms, or cocktail parties, this type of bag will be perfect to accompany your elegant outfit. We will not discuss this type of bag in this article but will be the subject of a new dedicated article very soon.

The small feminine backpack

A small backpack can be worn every day without looking like a tomboy, on the contrary. In the rest of this article, we have made a selection of small backpacks that won’t make you look like a student.

 This type of bag is especially useful during outings or weekend escapes, for example. A backpack leaves your hands free to hold the hands of children or your lover and can carry a small bottle of water. The closed backpack is also a better alternative against pickpockets than a bag where you can dip your hand in it.

And what about the jewelry?


These necklaces are so soft and refined that they become everyday friends. Don’t hesitate to opt for a quality piece of jewelry to adorn your neck. It’s the touch of delicacy and elegance you need this year.


These oversized rings are everywhere! Whether plastic or acrylic, they are far from indifferent. Several craftsmen make absolutely unique models. We invite you to dare this very edgy trend!


And yes, the necklaces that we loved to make excessively during our stays at summer camp are all the rage these days. They add color as well as a lot of life to our favorite sets.


The simplest sets can be easily enhanced with asymmetrical earrings. We invite you to wear them with loose hair and to dare to mix earrings of different lengths.

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