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Everything You Should Know About Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Description

Hampta Pass is the best, most optimal location to start your walk if you’re a novice hiker. The stunning Himanchal (Manali) region, located at an elevation of 14100 feet, is the starting point of the legendary high-moderate Himalayan expedition known as the Hampta Pass Trek. Trekking over the Hampta Pass can be run throughout the year, although July and August are the ideal months to go. Trekking up the Hampta Pass offers a life-changing opportunity to discover the unique colours of nature. One is treated to a breathtaking panorama of rocky outcrops, icy valleys, dense pine forests, wide-open meadows, heart-pounding waterways, and both comfortable and thrilling crossing locations.

The Hampta Pass Trek connects Kullu and Lahaul, two stunning valleys where one can enjoy a variety of landscapes. By their beauty, colourful Himalayan birds, animals, and flowers draw in spectators. The beautiful scenery, frequent weather changes, and varied atmosphere thrill hikers and provide excellent photo opportunities. seeking tranquilly in nature while climbing a snowy stretch amid the great Himalayan landscape.

Itinerary Details

The journey takes only seven days. Manali, a stunning hill station, is the starting point for the trekking in Himanchal-Hampta Pass. Trekking enthusiasts cross from Jobra to Chika at an altitude of Manali. It is amazing to cross through a tiny pine forest, a large rock, and diverse plants. You only need to travel for four hours to get to Chika, the next stop on your tour. You may take advantage of the cool river, waterfalls, and greenery here. Trekkers can stay here at night and unwind in the tent-style camps. Balu ka Gera is the second day of the journey. At Balu Ka Gera, you come across enormous rocks at Nani Lake. Enjoy the chilly water and the surrounding mountains while taking pictures to remember your vacation. Shea Goru is the next stop; the trip takes eight hours. Trekkers’ attention is diverted by tiny, colourful flowers and patches of snow along the river.

Before passing through the Hampta Pass,

Deo Tibba Peak is easily visible from a height. There are two ridges in Hampta Pass. The trekking experience is made more enjoyable by the zigzag path, U-turn, downward terrain, and snowfall with an undetermined amount of rain. It is a short hike with a moderate amount of walking. The next stop is a 5-hour downhill hike from Siagoru to Chatru, which is the second to last destination.

In the centre of the mountain ranges, you can find rivers and stunning valleys. Due to the slick soils and rocky edge path, trekking is particularly challenging in this location. An impressive statement on the hike is made by the nearby Chandra River and glacier movement. Chatru to Chandratal is where the trek will end. Chandartal is 70 kilometres away from Chatru. The Moon Lake is the primary attraction of Chandartal, so you can drive there, explore it, and then return to Manali after having the time of your life. You can also take pleasure in Manali’s local sightseeing. Don’t delay; make your reservations today for a superb blend of engaging and exciting activities. It will be a very unforgettable experience to encounter and explore a Himalayan mountain.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Manali to Chika

By midday, every tourist would have arrived in Manali, popularly known as the paradise of India. You may get to Manali using a variety of vehicles, including buses and autos. The two too little towns in Himachal Pradesh, Kullu and Manali, are Locate close to one another. All of the tourists visit both locations at the same time. Once you arrive in Manali, you will rest in the assigned hotel or lodge. Both the food and weather in this location are renowned. The locals are come to help the environment.

You can begin your journey for today toward Chika after enjoying a delectable meal at any eatery. Its elevation is 10,250 feet above sea level. A well-known temple that is the source of a few modest hot springs may be seen all along the route. Vashisht Temple is the name of this temple. The spring is said to have holy water. This location is only 3 kilometres from Manali. There is a stop along the way named Johari if you’re taking a cab.

Day 02: Chika to Baluka Ghera

Eat the healthiest breakfast after getting a good, sound night’s sleep, then get ready to resume your hike. Your final stop for the day will be Bhaluka Ghera. Brown bears are renowned in this area, which is why the place’s name is based on them. All of the brown bears come over here to hibernate throughout the winter. You can see a bridge that is made of logs as you proceed in the same direction and must proceed across the bridge with extreme caution. You will be able to see a stream with extremely fast-moving water just after crossing the bridge. To get there, you should maintain your left side up. You’ll eventually run into people who have attitudes. All along the walk, several flower Spicies can be view. After some time has passed, a stream of water will once more be visible. It is advise to cross the stream early in the day because the water is moving more slowly and steadily then than later in the day.

Once more, you will need to stick to the left until you arrive at your campsite for the day. In total, you will go 8 kilometres, and it will take you 4 to 5 hours to cover that distance. Rest up in the camp and take in the natural beauty of the area.

Day 03: Baluka Gera to Siagoru, Cross Hampta Pass

You must get going a little early today if you plan to go hiking. Keep to the left of the valley you will be travelling through all day. It entirely depends on the season of the walk, but occasionally all you can see when you glance back are a few snow bridges. The main goal of this walk is to maintain left, which you will do until you reach Hampta pass. One of the most amazing experiences you can have is trekking in the Hampta Pass, which drives you absolutely insane. Its breathtaking natural beauty is indescribable in words. It’s the ideal setting for some amazing photos. On the journey, there are stalls where you can stop and rest.

You’ll find a pleasant surprise waiting for you. A snow-covered field that is visible there is visible for virtually the entire year. The journey is not too difficult because the altitude is mild, but you will need to exert some effort to cross the final bridge. The ascent is really steep, which could be challenging for your legs. After you reach the top of the hill, there will be a sizable fall. Soon, the downhill terrain will  replace by a flat plain covered in numerous boulders.

You will need to turn left when you can again see a stream after travelling in that direction for a little while. You will be getting closer to Siagoru after some time spent moving along the levelled ground. It is the finest location to pitch up camp for the day because it is 13000 feet above sea level. When you look at the mountains and river streams, the beauty has its own level and exudes a grand aura.

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