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Essential features of high-end retail property for lease

In recent years, the concept of the shopping mall has evolved from just a market place into a high-end shopping and entertainment complex. What was once considered a one-stop destination for retail has evolved into a leisure space offering myriad activities and amenities? Instead of just a vertical structure containing shops and galleries. Modern shopping malls today also include food courts, high-end restaurants, and more. Reach 3 road is one such retail property for lease in Gurugram in sector 70, an eclectic mix of retail shops, showrooms, restaurants, and entertainment. It is an open-air space which is a mixed-use development that provides commercial and retail office space, combining commercial, cultural, institutional, and entertainment purposes at one space. Let’s discuss the essential features of high-end retail property.


Location is unarguably the most important factor for any real estate property. The location of the property is directly related to its desirability. Which in turn generates greater demand, and leads to an increase in its value. One of the most notable features of high-end shopping malls is their location. Likewise,  Reach 3 Road, a retail space for rent in Gurgaon is positioned to serve the emerging residential market in sector 70, as well as the existing SPR, golf course extension, and Sohna Road. The center is located in a high-density residential area, well connected to all areas of Gurgaon. With service-focused retail units to meet the daily needs of the local community.

Outstanding design

Impressive appearance, high-quality decoration, impeccable planning layout and exquisite interior design are some of the main characteristics of  shopping malls. The magnificent entrance, spacious foyer, magnificent fountain, well-lit murals, original marble floors. Beautiful glass walls with picturesque views of the area, and custom retail spaces also increase the aesthetic appeal of contemporary shopping malls. Reach 3 Roads, commercial property for rent in gurgaon is an open-air community complex, with high-quality outdoor sun shades, canopies & water misting systems for a pleasant open-air shopping experience. 

Entertainment facilities-Shopping malls today, are more than just a building containing several stores. Modern shopping complexes have become major tourist attractions. With busy food courts from several local and international food chains with seating areas. The spacious room allows visitors to relax and enjoy their food in peace. Reach 3 Roads has now become synonyms to pleasant and good times with your loved ones. From cafes and restaurants such as The Chocolate Room and Haldiram`s. Beauty service brands such as Looks Salon, Sodhi’s Supermarket provides everything you need. Which helps you to stay in shape, furniture stores, clothing store, Reach 3 Roads is the destination for all. 


Top-shelf amenities- The high-end shopping complex is equipped with modern amenities such as an uninterruptible power supply, high-speed and energy-efficient passenger escalators, spacious and safe parking. , high-tech access systems, disability-friendly like railing at the entrance, separate bathrooms, wheelchair services for the elderly, and much more. Reach pro, retail property for lease has over 65% of retail development is devoted to essential services such as groceries, packaged foods, pharmacies, stationery, home, and gift shops, banking services, footwear, etc. There is an absolute backup power source. 


Advanced safety features-

Security is also one of the most important features of a luxury shopping mall. To ensure visitor safety and maintain a peaceful environment. The luxury shopping complex incorporates state-of-the-art monitoring and automatic entry systems into its basic design. 

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