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Emma Harris is a luxury lingerie company producing handmade lingerie and homewear, made in the UK and treasured around the world. After years of producing high quality and luxury lingerie and homewear for the world’s renowned designer brands, Emma Harris is now launching her namesake brand on the global stage – and so far enjoying great success. Browse Our Emma Harris Online Store.

As a result, Signature Collection has expanded since its inception. Offering a range of continuous colors (navy blue, soft gold, steel, cranberry, antique rose and sky (perfect for brides!). As well as new styles of lingerie, home wear and sleepwear. Providing an opportunity to experience Emma Harris at the highest level.

Emma Harris’s best-selling Signature immersion style does the trick to add a bit of va va voom. With lift and support. Fully padded cups make it very comfortable for every day.

Emma Harris Mission

Emma Harris’ mission is to provide you with the finest handmade and handcrafted lingerie and homewear, offering the highest quality and luxury through hours of painstaking work using the most intricate artisan techniques handcrafted just for you.

But the most insidious in terms of fit is the bracer, which, even being in size, gives the impression of being cramped. Here you need to trust tactile sensations more than visual. If the bra fits snugly under the breast, and at the same time does not press or hinder movement, you have found what you need. If you take the risk of buying such a model in an online store, pay attention to the fitting option. There is such an opportunity in Intimo: the courier can bring you up to 7 items to choose from.

Emma Harris Method

Emma Harris’ methods preserve the art of hand sewing: Hand made in-house – all garments are handcrafted from start to finish by a talented in-house team in the historic heart of the British textile industry under the watchful eye of Emma Harris to ensure strict quality control.

Each piece requires hours of painstaking work – from 2 hours for a handcrafted piece from her Signature collection to 62 hours for an outstanding handcrafted piece from her most exclusive haute couture collection, Iner Detail. How to Wear Million Merch Hoodies in 5 Modern Ways

Techniques unsurpassed – high specification manufacturing machines, precise lace connection, repeated tensioning even in the simplest garments for precise fit and long wear, absolute attention to detail.

Constantly raising the bar for sustainability – constant attention to improving technology and minimizing waste.

Final result

Emma Harris’ method results in the highest quality product you can buy – precise fit, precise stitching, long lasting, finest fabrics and unparalleled detail, using the most sophisticated techniques to create exquisite and rare handcrafted artwork, all with a detail that what distinguishes the brand from others – carefully considered stitching and seams for maximum aesthetic appeal, silk-lined cups, carefully selected symmetry of laces and components for long-term wear.

When wearing lace panties under a tight-fitting outfit, make sure that their outlines do not stand out from under the clothes. For not too textured lace, lined products are ideal, creating the effect of a neat fit.

Emma Harris Collections

Emma Harris’ collections feature vintage garments that become vintage pieces – using vintage looks and traditional craft techniques to create investment lingerie to cherish for a lifetime.

Harris Emma offers a wide selection of unique outfits at different price points, allowing sophisticated lovers of luxurious lingerie to find a piece of lingerie that they will appreciate, no matter their budget, starting with her flagship Signature range.

The peak of popularity of “angelica” came in the 60s when the sensational film saga “Angelica – Marquis of Angels” with Michel Mercier in the title role was released. The style of a seductive blonde was taken as a model by many women, not forgetting about dresses with a neckline. And for such outfits, suitable bras became simply necessary.

Emma Harris Signature Collection

Signature was the first collection designed by Emma Harris and perfectly embodies. The brand’s ethos of producing luxury lingerie that looks elegant, fits great and is easy to care for. Featuring silk-lined cups, silk-covered shoulder straps. French seams, pinned edges and delicately stitched seams. Her Signature collection showcases the brand’s lingerie flair.

Signature began as a collection designed to meet the essential style requirements of the luxury lingerie customer. Over time, he has developed a slew of repeat customers. Who have repeatedly returned for new colors and have regularly commented. EHL Signature is a favorite in their lingerie drawer.

Her enduringly popular Balcony style features a built-in side strap for a perfect fit and a fully padded cup. Making it suitable for women of all ages to wear.

Emma Harris’ range also includes seductive shapes that are popular as gifts and for special occasions:

Padded Deep Plunge – Featuring a sheer lace top cup yet still providing great lift and shape.

A padded bra is a younger and lighter style, perfect with matching panty/underpants with a skirt or tight thong and the popular “something blue” option in a sky shade for brides.

A lift is the perfect special treat or gift as a seductive addition to the brand’s lingerie set.

Slip – ideal as underwear or for sleeping. Sold in bra sizes or S/M/L, with a hook-and-eye closure for added size variety and a perfect, uplifting fit.


With premium features such as lace specially selected for durability. Silk-covered straps, 24-carat metal hardware, silk-lined cups, French seams and fine topstitching. All in an unrivaled range of sizes, Collections Emma Harris Signature are seductive and feminine. Flattering and long lasting… Every lingerie drawer should have an Emma Harris Signature set!

The basic Angelica model is the most versatile. Initially, it was created for the owners of forms in which nothing needed to be enlarged. But it was enough just to assemble to the centre.  But the balconette, due to the peculiarities of the cut. Is more suitable for women with small breasts, including wide-set ones. It will be hard for ladies with forms in such a model. A specific cup simply will not hold your “property”.

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