Dry Herb Vaporizer vs. Concentrate – Which is Best and Why?

When it comes to vapes, there are two main categories- dry herb vaporizers and concentrates. Ideally, these two are quite different from each other and have distinct purposes. 

Now, if you’re willing to start a herbal vaporizer wholesale business, knowing the differences between these two types of vapes is essential.

So, let’s get you started. We have created this article to tell you everything you need to know about these two main vape types.


 What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?


A dry herb vaporizer is a vaping device that is used to vape dry herbs, flowers, or cannabis.  

These vaporizers are compact and small in size, making them an ideal device to carry around and store wherever you want. Because of this portability feature, users can easily vape their favorite herbs and flowers wherever they want.

Even the components of dry herb vaporizers are compact and easy to maintain. Typically, they consist of a lithium-ion battery and a cartridge tank system. Dry herbs or cannabis are inserted into the chamber of these dry herb vaporizers. Most vaporizers feature a single button activation system, making it even more convenient for smokers to vape.

Hence, a dry herb vaporizer basically heats up or ‘cooks’ your dry herbs or flowers, to create vapor for you to smoke. The flavor and aroma of those herbs are extracted during this heating process, and vapers can immediately start feeling the effects of the herbs as they start puffing.

Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizer:

  •     Portable

Dry herb vaporizers are small and compact in size, which makes it incredibly convenient to carry them around easier and store them anywhere you want. All you’ll need to do is pack the chamber beforehand, and go outdoors and start smoking whenever you want to.

  •     Flavourful taste

Of course, when you’re smoking cannabis and dry herbs, you have that urge of tasting that delicious flavor that is less harsh. Dry herb vaporizers are able to deliver a smooth taste of your herbs, which will not irritate the throat and lungs.

  •     Fainter smell

You don’t want to be smoking your herbs or cannabis if its smell can spread like wildfire, do you? Well, a dry herb vaporizer emits a vapor that has a comparatively less noticeable odor. Because of this weak smell of cannabis, dry herb vaporizers are a much safer option to go for.

  •     Smaller vapor/clouds

If you’re more into discreet cannabis consumption, then a dry herb vaporizer is for you. This is because, although these vaporizers are able to produce flavourful vapor, they are still going to be comparatively smaller.

  •     Safer option

The smoke you inhale is comparatively safer when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. This is because there will be a lesser amount of carbon monoxide and benzene that you inhale. This is one of the main reasons why numerous smokers are switching from smoking tobacco cigarettes to dry herb vaporizers.

What is Herb Concentrate?

Concentrates are also commonly referred to as wax pens or dab pens. These vape devices have chambers that are filled with concentrated cannabis flower extracts, which are heated and inhaled. Concentrate vaporizers are ideal for those who want to skip on the torch blowing part, and just dab and go.

Benefits of Concentrates:

  •     Less inhalation of carcinogens

When you’re using concentrates, you will be inhaling far fewer carcinogens than you do in smoking tobacco cigarettes. Such carcinogens can be fatal for any individual, which is why it is a wise choice to switch to vaporizers.

  •     Lack of smell

Dab pens, or concentrates, give off a faint smell that goes away within minutes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the long-lasting smell of your cannabis herbs, especially when you’re smoking in public.

  •     Better Taste

Because of the terpenes present in these dab pens, you’re going to taste much better cannabis and herb flavors. Because these terpenes stay intact during the eating process, you will have a  burst of flavor every time you inhale.

Which one is better?

Although both these vaping devices serve the same purpose of providing flavourful cannabis and herbs flavor and aroma, each of these vaporizers is a much better and safer substitute to smoking your normal cigarettes.

However, if we talk in terms of flavor and strength, concentrate has to be the winner in this case. The flavor and overall hit you get from concentrate are going to be much more potent than your dry herb vaporizer. Therefore, if you’re looking for a vaping device to give you much powerful cannabis and herbs. A concentrate is best suited for this job. American Green Smoke (AGS) is the most siginificant worldwide distribution of premium Glass, vape, E-liquid, CBD and Kratom. AGS is a trusted source for vape & smoke shops needs across the US. 

Moreover, if we talk about the cost of these two vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers are comparatively more cost-effective as less material needs to be vaped in order to reach that level of satisfaction and thrill you want. 

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