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Domain Authority: What It Is and How to Improve Yours

US Domain Authority

If you’re in the SEO world long enough, you’ll see one phrase that pops repeatedly: Domain Authority. What exactly is Domain Authority? Do you think it is important? If it is then where can you find out how to increase the authority of your domain?

In this blog we’ll be able to address your concerns and show you how to increase your domain’s authority using proven methods that have been tested for years.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is the method to predict how well a site will rank in search results. The term “domain authority” and the algorithmic score were created by the folks at Moz.

You can determine the Domain Authority (DA) score by using Moz’s Link Explorer tool. Since the introduction of Moz’s DA score, a variety of other domain authority scoring methods have been released. For instance, Ahref’s Domain Rating and Majestic’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow..

Although the criteria used for calculating the scores vary from one tool to another however, they all test the identical thing: a site SEO strength of a domain.

Moz determines DA by analyzing multiple variables such as the root domain that links, the number of links in total and the quality of the links to create one DA score. Based on these parameters, Moz issues a score between 1 and 100.

A higher score is an improved website that’s more likely to rank higher on google’s search results. A lower score indicates an unprofessional website that may struggle to rank for keywords that are competitive.

It’s important to remember that there is a distinction between the official definition and the usage that is common to the word.

The term is used loosely to indicate how effective SEO metrics of a websites are. For instance, “My website is ranking top of the list for a number of key words. Thus, it has a good authority on the domain.” They’re talking about is a website’s general authority and power on Google search.

US Domain Authority

Why is Domain Authority Important?

Domain authority is a simple method of understanding how Google evaluates websites.

Google’s ranking algorithms and the way they determine which sites will be listed for which terms are a bit of an unanswered question. Google provides best practices and ranking factors but they do not divulge the specifics of what each website’s ranking is. classified.

Domain Authority is the most reliable description of the search result landscape . It is also a crucial factor in knowing why some sites are more popular than other sites. Higher DA sites rank higher than sites with lower DA websites. This means that there is a direct correlation between higher DA scores and better ranking.

Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

Domain authoritymeasures the strength of predictive ranking of subdomains and domains as well as the entire domain.

Page Authority determines the quality of pages individually.

While DA can provide a more accurate knowledge of how your site is performing all over the internet however, this does not mean that page authority doesn’t matter. Actually, the authority of your web pages can directly impact the overall DA and indexing on search engines.

How to Improve Your Domain Authority

In the beginning, when you create the domain the process takes time to establish your authority.

There are many aspects that are crucial, such as the proper use of SEO on the page and ensuring that your site’s content is of high quality, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and don’t ignore your site’s speed of loading.

The most significant aspect that will increase you DA will be your profile on the internet. In reality, you could simply think of the score of domain authority as an indication of how robust (or strong or weak) the link profile of your site is.

Backlinks are the most important ranking factor for Google. There are over 200 factors that rank an effective link profile is one of the most essential factor to get your site to rank in Google and improve search engine traffic.

It follows that the most important element in increasing your domain’s authority is backlinks. While it’s not always the most absolute however, it is safe to say that generally speaking the more powerful webmaster profile you’ve got, the greater the strength of your Domain Authority.

#1. Find links from top Domain Authority websites

Getting backlinks from top authoritative domains plays a crucial part in not just increasing your domain authority, but also increasing your page authority too.

There are plenty of ways to gain reliable backlinks that will increase your website’s link profile. One of them is guest posting. guest blogging is an excellent method of doing this. It’s basically exchanging a bit of content in exchange for an backlink. The more powerful your Domain Authority of that website and the more authoritative the backlink, and the more backlink “juice” (yep, that’s the real word) is transferred to your site.

#2. Eliminate/minimize spammy hyperlinks

It’s not all about gaining solid links. Avoiding getting tons of spammy websites linking to you is equally important to maintain a high authority on your domain. In terms of ranking, Google has gotten better in eliminating the links that are spammy instead of penalizing websites for having them.

It’s nevertheless essential to tidy up your link profile regularly by conducting an audit of your links, taking out any spam links by hand or defying the links.

#3. Link to authentic websites

Nowadays, there are those who fake Domain authority ratings. It’s true, and some people do it (mainly to deceive people into thinking they can offer backlinks on their sites at a higher price than the actual value).

There are a lot of websites with an excellent history of links, but are inactive for a several years. Sometimes, they’ll be expired because the owners has stopped working on them.

Some SEOs will purchase domains similar to these and construct an online network of sites that have high domain authority however, they do not have traffic. They create hyperlinks to their own websites they wish to get ranked.

This is an indication of red flags. Google and other tools, like Moz are becoming more adept in identifying websites similar to this and are not providing any significance to these sites.

So, the most important indicator of a reliable link can be quantified by the amount of traffic a website linking to it receives.

What Factors Does Moz Use to Determine Their Scores?

Moz employs a number of 40 variables to determine the Domain Authority. Although not all are well-known however, here are some of the most important:

Root domains that link to your website Root domains are how many unique backlinks that your website is able to have. If, for instance, you have 1,000 backlinks from one website, it’ll remain the result of the same root domain. If you have three links from 3 sites, it means you be able to count 3 root domains. You’ll gain more domain authority getting links from multiple websites, rather than earning many from one site.

Search engine friendly: This refers to your site’s structure and the usability of your website. If your site has a poor structure, it makes your site more difficult for Google to search your website which will lower your ranking score.

MozRank It is the measurement used to determine the quality in your backlinks. It considers not just the quantity of links from outside that you have, but as well how high-quality of the links. When you use Moz it’s more likely to favor the quality that counts, which means an excellent external link is more valuable than having a few mediocre links.

MozTrust: Like MozRank the HTML0 is an indicator to determine how effective your backlinks are. However, it goes further depth by analyzing the degree to which your site is linked to trustworthy websites.

How Do I Find My Domain Authority?

We mentioned that you can determine your domain’s authority score by using Moz’s Link Explorer tool.

Just type in your website’s URL, and it will display your score, the number of links you’ve got, the number of them are from unique root domains and the amount of keywords are you getting ranked for.

It is evident that OptinMonster is a domain with a score of 69. It has a total of 263,300 backlinks that originate from 11900 root domains.

What are other tools that have different scoring system?

Moz’s closest rival is Ahrefs.

Instead of calling domain authority instead, they use the term domain rating. It’s the same thingwith a but with a different title.

On Ahrefs the score of OptinMonster is 85. It has 697,000 backlinks that originate from 11200 root domains.

It is important to remember that every tool has their own algorithm and scoring systems that result in various scores. They also use their own crawlers which result in different identified backlinks and keywords.

You’re probably thinking…

Does 66 represent the highest DA score? What is the source of the DR the 84th percentile on Ahrefs originate from? What is considered to be a high domain authority? What is considered to be a low domain authority?

What is Considered a Good Domain Authority?

A typical week domain authority score should be between 0-20. Between 20-30 is the best way to get there, and anything between 30-50 is considered to be good. If your score is in the 50-60 range it’s a great place to be and when you’ve cleared it and are in the 60-100 range area, you’ve earned yourself a fantastic quality domain authority.

In order to reach the 60-100 mark, keep in mind that you’ll have to put in the most time creating your link profile since it’s the most crucial factor and will improve your domain’s rank in the end. Always strive to acquire the highest high-quality links and not just the most links.

That’s it! You should now be able to understand the importance of the importance of domain authority to the rankings of your website. You also have learned how to increase your domain’s authority with quality backlinks.

Now it’s time to chance to share your thoughts… Have any thoughts about DA that you’d like discuss? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

US Domain Authority

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