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Doing Phalakasana daily will give these 5 benefits to health

There can be many health benefits by doing yoga. At the same time, yoga makes the body fit. One such asana is Phalakasana. Phalakasana is known as Plank Pose in English. Let us tell you that in Hindi, a plank is called a wooden plank, while asana means to sit. By doing this asana, there is pressure on the abdominal muscles. . In such a situation, the fat deposited in the stomach is reduced in a few days. Today we will tell you what are the benefits of doing Phalakasana. Also learn about how to do it. Read on…

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What is the method of doing Phalakasana?

1 – First of all, lay a yoga mat on the ground and then come to the position of Uttanasana.

2- Take your left foot back and in the same way take your right foot back.

3 – Now straighten the hands kept on the ground and spread the fingers of the hands completely.

4 – Note that the entire weight of your body should be on your toes.

5 – As shown in the picture above, stay in a straight line for some time and then come back to the old state.

6 – Do not bend your knees while doing this asana. Stay in this for about 20 to 30 seconds.

7 – Now bend the knees and put them on the ground. After that repeat again.

Benefits of doing:

1-By doing Phalkasana, the stamina of the body increases.

2- This asana can remove the problem of osteoporosis along with migraine.

3- By dong Phalkasana, the chest is also strong.

4- Publication can be of great use to you in increasing the strength of the body.

5- If you want to increase concentration power, then you can do Phalkasana.


Some precautions need to be taken while doing Phalakasana. These precautions are as follows-

1- Do this asana every morning after waking up.

2- If you are doing this asana in the evening, then after doing the asana, eat food after 3 to 4 hours.

3- While doing Phalakasana, your stomach should be completely empty, that is, you have to do this asana after defecation. This asana will not show its full effect with a full stomach.

4- Do not do this asana if there is any problem in your hand and wrist.

5 – People who have anxiety problems should not do this asana.

6 – In the beginning, this asana should be done under the supervision of an expert.

7 – Do not put too much stress on your stomach.

8 – People who have low or high blood pressure problems, avoid doing this asana.

Note – The points mentioned above show what are the health benefits of doing Phalakasana. But while doing this it is necessary to take some precautions, which have been mentioned above. In such a situation, do this asana carefully.

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