Disposable Vape vs Rechargeable Vapes – Comparison

Disposable Vapes are the NEW Trend these days. But why are so many users turning to disposables? In this article, we will explore the reasons why people choose Disposable vapes over rechargeable ones.

Why is a Disposable Vape Better?

First, let’s find out what a disposable vape is and what makes it different from other vapes.

Disposable vapes can not be recharged or refilled; This means once it runs out, you throw it away and get a new one. Simple!.

Advanatages of Disposable Vapes

  • You do not have to worry about charging the vape.
  • No need to carry e-liquids
  • No need to refill e-liquids
  • High-quality flavour and vapour production.
  • Tons of Brands and Options to Choose from.

One of the best selling Disposable Vape Series Includes the Veiik Micko Shark Disposable Vapes. 

Disdvanatages of Disposable Vapes

  • Work out more expensive than refillable vapes.
  • You always have to carry around an additional vape in case one runs out.
  • Once you switch to disposables, it is tough to switch back to refillable vapes.

High-Quality Flavour in Disposable Vapes.

Disposable Vapes are most desired because of the high quality of vapour and flavour they produce.

The main reason for this is the sealed pod it comes in. Additionally, these devices have a fixed number of puffs before they run out. Limited puffs allow the coil to retain its properties, allowing a consistent and tasteful flavour production throughout the life of the device.


How many Puffs does a Disposable Vape have?

Different disposable vapes offer different puffs. Although these numbers are estimates to give you an idea, the actual count may depend on the length of each puff user takes and therefore differ.

Here are a few Disposable Vapes with their Puff count:

  • Balmy – 500 Puffs
  • GEEK Bar – 575 Puffs
  • Esco Bars – 2500 Puffs
  • Maskking High Pro – 1000 Puffs
  • Maskking High GT – 450 Puffs
  • SWIFT PRO – 2000 Puffs
  • Micko Alpha by Veiik – 600 Puffs
  • Veiik Micko Max – 1500 Puffs
  • MICKO PIE by VEIIK – 600 Puffs
  • VEIIK MICKO MEGA – 800 Puffs
  • MICKO SHARK by VEIIK – 2200 Puffs

Some of these devices offer a nicotine Strength of 35mg, while others provide up to 50mg.

Which puff count you choose depends on your requirement and how heavy do you vape.

Generally, users start with higher puff counts and eventually reduce down to lower ones.

So? What do you think? Will you continue with the older refillable vapes? or Try something new?

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