Different Types of Watches Every Man Should Gift Himself

Men’s watches are their way to express their personality and their style in general. Branded watches for men are delicate to look at, yet are sturdy, making them valuable and are must-have accessories. And the most important thing is to wear the right watch at the right time.

The mechanics and technicalities of different watches are obviously different and it is different to grasp all of those. Even vintage men’s pocket watches are much in demand nowadays.

The different types of watches one should look out for

Analog watches

An Analog watch that is simple to read, has an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand is a classic choice. They look professional with the digits written in European or Roman numbers. Because of its classy and sophisticated look and feel, this traditional-styled watch is still used so prevalently.

Minimal dressing with earthy toned pullovers or sweaters is the subtle classic look that you create when paired with an Analog watch.

Digital Watches

Digital watches, that run with electric power, made the hour and minute hands obsolete and instead show time in numerical on the watch’s screen. It has a sporty look with a multi-feature design.

One can keep it simple with a jeans and t-shirt and accessories with a digital watch. Be it a birthday party or a casual hangout, this is a perfect option.

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Smart Watches

The newest addition to the league, these tech-smart watches are creating a lot of interest among people nowadays…I mean obviously, why should mobile phones have all the fun?

People, especially youngsters love sporting a smartwatch and the fun lies in giving your watch commands as you would have done with your mobile phone. These are long-term investments. There are very pricey and cheap watches available too, and we would suggest you go for one that suits your budget.

Smartwatches are the go-to option for parties, brunches, or when you are out for a run. But you should definitely not wear it when you are attending any formal events.

 Dress Watches

A formal attire calls for a smart and elegant dress watch, and it gives the finishing touch to your whole look. Designed for a special occasion, these watches are indeed precious that can be passed down to the next generations. Their delicate nature makes them even more priceless.

One of the best choices for men, these are a must-have to go with your formal dresses. A great pair to your suits and tuxedos, these watches leave a long-lasting impression.

 Casual Watches

One of the favourite cheap watches to buy, these are the rescuers when you just need a watch that shows you time, and you do not worry about the design or other facilities that it provides. Pocket-friendly and your buddy for the late-night walks or drives, you can stock these watches and wear one for every occasion. These watches are fun to wear and add that right amount of swag to your whole look for the day.

 Luxury Watches

Designed with much grace and elegance, and sometimes encrusted with precious or semi-precious stones, luxury watches are collectibles, and many are fond of those.

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For a watch connoisseur, watches like these are must-buys and reserved for special occasions only. If you have a thing for luxurious things, then the next big buy should surely be a luxurious watch.

Quartz Watches

These lesser-known watches work with quartz crystal oscillation and are equally durable and desirable as other watches. The detailed mechanics of quartz watches provide accurate time and are easy on the pocket. Quartz watches come in several options for you to choose from.

Chronograph Watches 

Chronograph watches have such a distinctive layout that with just one look you will be able to identify them. On the main dial, you will find two smaller dials and has a stopwatch too, which helps you to keep track of the lap times.

These watches are a great pair with cargo pants and can be worn on your adventure trips. These watches do so much more than just showing the time. Choose the one that fits your budget and requirements.

If you are looking to buy watches online, Give and Take UK is the right destination for you. With a huge array of watches for men, women, and kids, this is the shop to meet all your requirements for watches.

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