Different hair Treatment types

Different hair Treatment types

Different hair Treatment types
Different hair Treatment types

Who else does not want glossy, shiny, beautiful, thick hair? Of course, everyone desires to get the most beautiful hair. But do you think is it possible without having proper hair care? Certainly not. If you want to get such type of hair that may make your hair like TV ads so believe me you have to focus on daily hair care or you should go for a hair treatment regularly. Here the question is how I would know about such hair treatments that one may get to make his or her hair glossy, bloomy, bulky, and shiny.  There are some popular and beneficial hair treatments listed below along with details. 

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  • Moisture hair Treatment

This is the most common type of treatment that you can even take home. You do not need to go salon or consult any specialist specifically. To moist your hair you can apply any type of oil into your hair once or twice a week. Oil can be any of your choice or that may suit your hair type. Or any other oil that you know is better for your hair. 

What is natural hair moisturizing?

Different hair Treatment types
Different hair Treatment types

Basically, in the natural moisturizing of hair, our body produces Sebum (Sebaceous glands) which is a moisturizing agent. If these glands work properly there is no need to apply anything to dampen the hair. Sometimes the quantity of this gland becomes lesser then your hair does not get enough moisture and started to become dry. For this reason, you need to apply oil to the hair or visit any salon to get the treatment.


  • Hair Detox

Concerning the name this process primarily detoxified hair. Here in the case of hair treatment it is not ordinarily referred to remove any poison. It means removing particles of dust, debris, and any chemical from the hair. 

Here are some FAQs about the detox that is necessary to be answered.

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Q1: Is it necessary to remove such harmful particles from hair?

Answer: yes it is necessary especially for those who used to adopt several hair styling on and off. Because constituents used in hair styling and hair treatments at the salon level are the main reason for hair damages at a high level. These elements also give rise to dandruff in the hair. Detox treatment removes the enzymatic layer and that is useful in the health of hair scalps and follicles. Thus, it lessens the risk of hair damage and helps in the productivity of healthy hair, scalp filling, and unclogging the hair follicles.


Q2: is it possible to detox my hair at home?

 For sure you can take this treatment at home on your own. If essential then consider a hair specialist for your best hair treatment. Otherwise, it’s a very easy process that does not have to go anywhere. 


  • Relax Hair treatment

If you are having curly hair and are tired of them, then this treatment of relaxing hair can provide you best hair alignment and your hair become straight after this treatment. This makes your hair not just plain but also gives them a shiny look. This treatment also assists you to throw away your frizz.

 You can get the hair of your thirst with the help of this treatment. Most of the people who have curly and frizzy hair naturally, usually go for this treatment to make their hair straight permanently. But here permanent does not mean eternal. Permanent is defined as it lasts till new hair growth. It is commonly of two types.

  1. Lye Relax
  2. No-Lye Relax


Lye relaxes in usually an instant process that changes the texture of your hair instantly and gives you an abrupt result.

On the other hand, No-Lye relaxes works compared slowly to the 1st one. But it directly works for damaged hair scalps.

Precautions after Relax treatment

  • Once you get the treatment it is not then easy to keep your hair feeling the same, you just have to pay attention to your hair more than before.
  • Hair relaxers are the main origin of dryness so proper moisture is necessary after the treatment.
  • Scalp Treatment

Nowadays hair thinning and hair loss has become a swear issue not just in adults but also in youngsters. The scalp treatment is very useful in hair growth and increasing the volume of hair. It promotes the growth of hair and cleans the scalps of hair. Sebum production stimulates after this treatment and it makes hair starting moist naturally. 

Why scalp treatment is necessary for the health of hair?

Eventually, all hair problems start from the scalp of the head. Some scalp-related problems are Dandruff, Hair thinning, Reduction of shine, Excess oil, etc. scalp treatment provides absolute cleanliness to the scalps so this makes hair safe from all such problems.

 Your scalps should be in practice on regular basis. If you do not like to wash your hair daily or your hair type is not suitable for daily shampooing the thing you should perform daily is to brush your hair at least once a day.

The absorption amount of scalps increases with the help of this procedure.  Blood circulation also increases with the help of this treatment. 

The scalp treatment is necessary for all types of hair especially if your hair is starting to damage and you are losing the volume of your hair. 


One must consult his/ her specialist for this or any other type of treatment that suits the hair type. Because healthy and shiny hair will not be long-lasting if you do not care for them. As every machine or instrument needs proper care or treatment our hair needs proper treatment regularly for their health. 

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