Customer Service: Prioritise the right customer for your business

Excellent service design and customer experience is the backbone of any business, but figuring out how to prioritize your customers can be tough. Not all customers are created equal and some require more attention than others. 

For any company, it is important to prioritize their customers correctly. The best way for a business owner or manager in charge of customer satisfaction at times when you have limited resources and time on your hands – by grouping them according to certain needs so they can receive a more personal approach from each individual clientele group. This will be beneficial because there’s less margin for error with these types. It is when compared to others who might need help but don’t come asking about discounts just yet!

In business, prioritizing the right customers is crucial. This article will show you some easy ways to identify your most valuable customers and how to prioritize them so you can focus on serving their needs better and adopt a customer-centric approach.  

Here are some easy ways to prioritise the right customer for your business:

1. Understand your ideal customer’s needs

  • Research the pillars of what constitutes your ideal customer. Use keywords to search for information related to these pillars. For example, if you are a provider of online courses, identify important keywords. Such as “learning styles”, “online learning”, or “marketing.” 
  • Review this information using the following criteria in mind: how is it relevant to you? 
  • By identifying target markets with different personality types and characteristics, you can develop different marketing strategies that will attract them. 

2. Create a marketing strategy to attract those customers

A business service strategy should be crafted to the interests of the targeted customer. For example, if you are targeting enterprise companies, it might be appropriate to mention security and information protection on your marketing page. Customer reviews are often a good way to test this value proposition before implementing it or not. 

If you find your potential customers review your product content with the primary purpose as the primary topic on their mind, then it is worth investing more time into those topics as they feature prominently in what will attract one type of customer over another.

3. Make sure your product or service is tailored for the right people 

It is extremely important that any product or service is geared towards those most in need. For example, a business can have a great rewards program. But if not many employees are taking advantage of the program then the benefits of designing this type of reward system may be lost. Successful businesses spend a lot of time thinking about which customer they want to serve

It is beneficial for this reason to have a mission statement – even big companies – with a focus on their target audience so they know what demographic they wish to serve based on an understanding of why each group needs things done differently from another group. 

4. Be flexible with pricing and promotions to accommodate different budgets 

Being adaptive and responsive with pricing and promotions to accommodate different budgets will also allow you to reach a broader audience of customers who may not be able to spend as much at one time, but can potentially add up over time (which is indeed the point of customer lifetime value).

Ultimately, promoting flexibility in terms of pricing and promotions will help increase your case for social responsibility in this question. So long as it’s within reason, retailers should consider incorporating price adjustments based on where someone falls on the socioeconomic ladder.

5. Offer a personal touch – something that can’t be found online or in-store 

The people you want to do business with are overworked, stressed out, and under-appreciated. They just want something small they can take back home to give their family after a long day of work. They have no idea how humble that little gesture will ultimately make them feel.

If people see that they can trust your services or know that you’ll go above and beyond for them, they often become lifelong customers.

So keep in contact with those who buy from you – thank them! – and quick reply to emails. Answer phone calls if possible and include little details like personalized orders or discounts.

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