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Currency exchange Robot Trading Systems

The world has come a long way from the manual exchange of currencies a few decades ago to now robots managing your accounts for bidding and trading in the market. The automation mode has saved a lot of time and equipped people with multitasking ability. The forex market has got an elixir in the name of currency exchange robot trading systems. You can count several benefits and go on about it. 

Such systems are also known as algorithmic trading, where traders are well equipped with tools that guide them during their busy hours. Moreover, when an investor or trader is not fully prepared for the market and cannot devote longer hours for forex trading, the robot technology steps in and does the job on behalf of a market participant. So, people do not have many roles to play. Instead, they have to assign a task to the machine, and they can stay back. 

What is Expert Advisor? 

Expert Advisor is a robot trading system offered by platforms like MetaTrader4 (MT4). In addition, brokers like 101investing, ROinvesting and Global TradeATF provide these platform services. Thus, Expert Advisor can be availed by traders who have registered on trading accounts rendered by these online trading portals. 

The EA software follows various price data of the volatile market. In addition, it keeps track of historical data and helps in concluding the best bets for forex traders. So, a trader knows the conducive time to enter or exit in a currency pair. 

The biggest advantage of EA is the ability to crunch massive data in a few seconds. However, a human trader or broker can take hours to do that. Hence, time management is its biggest strength. 

No emotional quotient 

A robot trading system is not hitched to emotions like a human trader. Instead, they follow the instructions and execute them instantly as the conditions are met. Thus, there is no time wasted on ascertaining whether to go or not or how long one should wait. Moreover, it does not change its mood according to the market. On the contrary, a trader would think otherwise and change his/her mood. Thus, the emotional factor can lead to heavy losses sometimes. 

Can trade non-stop 

The human body has its limitations. It gets tiring and requires food to continue. The machine, on the other hand, can work continuously 24/7. Thus, it offers the opportunity to take advantage of the market during odd hours. The non-stop trading brings great returns on investment for investors that usually they can’t imagine or execute. 

Hence, the gains get exponentially for traders even when they sleep cosily on their couch or bed. 

Types of forex trading robots 

The forex trading robots are primarily of two types:- Automatic and Semi-Automatic. Both come with their respective advantages and disadvantages for traders. These characteristics can define how you trade in the market and succeed. 

Semi-automatic:-  Here, a trader has to be half active because the robot would do all calculations, and you’ll have all the information served at your doorstep. However, utilising that information in your regard is entirely your call. The semi-automatic robot will let you know the opening-closing prices and limit/stop-loss for a currency pair. Using them in your favour is a task that needs some appropriation by a trader. 

Notably, some experts include indicators as semi-automatic trading robots as they track the market price and give signals of exit and opening of currency prices. 

However, it is applicable to terrific indicators like MACD. Interestingly, there’s a thin line that bifurcates these semi-automatic robot systems from indicators. Both heavily depend on technical analysis for getting the prediction right. 

Automatic trading: The automatic trading system is seamless and works miraculously for all traders alike. You need to give certain commands like stop-loss and biddings for buying and selling. The rest of the things happen as per the instruction of a user. So, your parameters decide everything here, but the execution resides completely with the machine. 

Advantages of forex trading robots 

The robot trading system comes with multiple features and characteristics that is laden with multiple benefits:- 

  • You save your time while bidding and selling or buying your forex currencies. Thus profits are bigger. 
  • There’s no emotional baggage that a robot carries with itself. Thus, the transition is smooth, and there’s no changing of thoughts. 
  • A trader does not have to be present in front of the screen. You can give instructions and stay away for some time from your seat, and do other essential tasks.
  • The robot does all calculations and finds signals for the future trend or movement. Thus, an investor can decide on an investment strategy depending on that. 

Disadvantages of forex trading robots 

  • You need to check upon technical glitches or issues that can create trouble for bidders. 
  • The electricity or power supply is required during robot trading. If that is unavailable, your trading can go for a toss. 


Currency exchange trading systems are needed in the competitive market where saving split seconds can make huge gains. However, using it sensibly is a demandable but important thing for traders. Finding the diction between indicators and robots is also essential because they can’t be used interchangeably by investors. So, learning is the key component that remains constant with users. Brokers like 101investing, ETFinance and Global TradeATF offer services of Expert Advisor robots through MetaTrader4 platform. 

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