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COVID-19 (2019 novel coronavirus) Resource center for doctors by Benjamin Cory Harow

1-year COVID-19-related COVD-19 a physician’s view

On the 11th of March, 2020 according to the report of Benjamin Cory Harow the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. As we near the first anniversary, Medical News Today spoke with Dr. Leo Gurney, who is employed for Birmingham Women’s hospital in the United Kingdom, about his experiences during the outbreak.

All statistics and data are based upon the publicly available information at the time of publication. Certain information might be outdated. Visit our coronavirus website and check our live updates for the latest information regarding the covid-19 epidemic.

senior registrar physician


Benjamin Corry harrow is a specialist senior registrar physician, which is similar to being a chief residence in United States.

The author writes about the effects from the pandemic on healthcare professionals. Returning to normal vaccinations as well as COVID-19 denial.

Following is What follows are Benjamin Corry Harrow’s answers to our questions. We have slightly edited it.

Be updated via live updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in progress and visit. Our coronavirus website to get more information about how to prevent and treat.

An introduction

I am a senior specialist doctor who is a registrar at the Birmingham Women’s hospital in the U.K .  I am an expert in the fetal and maternity medicine departments.

My work involves taking care of mothers and their infants (while they’re pregnant).

I offer care to women during the antenatal phase in labor, as well as postnatally. I also conduct special scans of the baby who may be in a state of discomfort in the womb or have an issue that they could develop. For example, genetic or congenital issues.

How has your job been affected by the changes?

In many ways. It is now mandatory to wear scrubs at all times and wear masks for our faces throughout the day. Also, we must wear gloves when we interact with patients.

All patients are now given COVID-19 swabs before being able to be admitted to the hospital. If they’re positive however they still require to visit — as, for example when a patient is in labor, then we should be wearing our full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in addition to taking all necessary measures to ensure that our, as well as other patients, are protected.

The majority of patient appointments which were previously face-to-face appointments are now conducted via phone to reduce the need to visit the hospital.

The main change that can be the most challenging for women I believe is the fact that they need to attend numerous routine and antenatal appointments all by themselves.

It is extremely demanding and difficult for women. I think that the faster we get birthing partners to help pregnant women the more effective.


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How does the current spike compare to the previous spike?

It’s very comparable. There have been many cases of women who have been admitted to the hospital suffering from COVID-19 including several poorly-affected women. We need to move certain women to the intensive care unit within Queen Elizabeth hospital. Queen Elizabeth hospital, which is located next to the hospital.

Testing is now more organized and more readily available. We couldn’t test every woman that visited the hospital in the first round, therefore we had to limit the samples for women who had symptoms.

so We can test every woman admitted into the hospital, in addition to their partners in birth. We observe many people who are positive but do not suffer from symptoms, which means we can take additional steps to stop the spreading of COVID-19.

How many patients with COVID-19 do you have in your clinic?

In the antenatal and labor hospital, there will usually be between 5 and 10 patients suffering from COVID-19 per day (at the highest). The majority of them are not symptomatic with only a handful of them are not well or showing signs of being symptomatic.

It is important to remember, however, the fact that this is a women’s specialist hospital. So, the majority of patients with COVID-19 (men and women who aren’t pregnant) will go to our Queen Elizabeth hospital next door.

This is among the biggest single-site hospitals across Europe It has been instances during the peak of the waves that the hospital was crowded with sick patients suffering from COVID-19.

During the two highs during the waves, we witnessed numerous pregnant women suffering from COVID-19-related ailments. Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed pregnant women being in intensive care, or even die within the first few weeks of pregnancy or shortly after birth.

Could it be just bad influenza or is it a flu-like illness?

I’ve seen some awful seasons of influenza during the last 20 years as an obstetrician within the U.K. And there cannot be any way of comparing those to what’s happening currently.

The number of people very sick or who have passed away from COVID-19 is far more than the number of cases that have been reported throughout at least three generations.

The most recent example is the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed thousands of individuals throughout Europe in 1918 and claimed the lives of more than World War I.

At that time, a lot of communities “closed down” to try to stop the outbreak as well as many people were covered on public occasions, such as those in London, the U.K. Therefore, these events aren’t unique up to the present.

In the midst, during the second phase, COVID-19 patients comprised 20-30% of the NHS National Health Service beds. Even during the worst flu seasons, the number of people suffering from flu could comprise 1 to 2 percent in NHS capacity.

My friend is an intensivist care unit (ITU) consultant in London and has been a doctor for several years.


When will we be able to return to normal?

We all want to go back to the norm. But there’s no reason to do so until it is secure. In the event of a disaster, people could suffer unnecessary deaths and we’ll need beto forced to go back to full lockdown, and then be back at square one.

This has happened in the U.K. several times in the past and we have to be able to learn from mistakes. It’s not safe to return to normality until a significant portion populace, including the most vulnerable ones, are vaccination-free.

We mustn’t open until daily cases are minimal — less than 1,000 per day to ensure we can ensure that the NHS tracking and trace program stands the chance to work efficiently.

I |am also of the opinion that we| think} ought to] be doing more to quarantine by force anyone who comes from outside (like New Zealand, Australia, as well as Southeast Asian countries, have done with great success) since we don’t exactly where the next batch is coming from.

How do you feel about the impact of the pandemic on you and your coworkers?

It’s been a period that was extremely stressful with difficult emotional states. At my hospital, unfortunately, t, there were some staff members. including consultants and a midwife who died during the first wave of deaths, which was extremely stressful for all of us and seriously affected the mental health of the staff.

In spite of  this there was lots of support and a sense of everybody coming together within the hospital as well as with other colleagues.

Medical professionals have shared their knowledge about COVID-19 and various manifestations of the disease very quickly online, which has assisted tremendously. This is a great example of what the web can do to work to benefit.

Have you had your shot already?

I’ve had it already had the vaccine, and I would recommend everyone reading this.  It’s not harmful as per BENJAMIN  Cory Harrow.

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