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Corporate Office Interior Design Trends

The open office space, a space to be fitted out to introduce new ways of working

The open space is the heart of the business, it is the place where employees work. It obviously includes conventional workstations, desks and ergonomic chairs, but can also contain more informal workspaces, on sofas or armchairs, on cushions or on ball seats.

Open space is arguably the space that has evolved the most in recent years. Indeed, to adapt to new ways of working, between offices aligned without partitions to facilitate the supervision of managers of the 1950s. Today’s premises, coworking or flex-office type, we have made path. Always open but varied, they allow you to settle in different types of spaces, depending on your mood and the task you have decided to carry out.

Here are some ideas so that you do not forget anything in the development of an open space and make it the ideal workplace for your employees and collaborators.

What should an open space contain?

Comfortable workstations

The workstation is the most important part of the office. In principle, each employee has his own work table, but there are also very long so-called “coworking” tables on which several employees work. There are several standard office sizes from furniture suppliers. They generally consist of a melamine top and a solid metal base.

Juggle the colors and materials on offer to achieve the style you are looking for. A white melamine top and a wooden base will do very well for a Scandinavian style. While a melamine top in raw wood imitation and a black metal base will clearly affirm an industrial style.

In recent years, we have seen a new range of ergonomic desks. “Sit-stand” desks, adjustable in height, which make it possible to vary postures and therefore preserve the health of employees. In terms of seats, height-adjustable stools or chairs are suitable for this type of office.

Comfort Chairs

When it comes to task chairs, the priority is ergonomics and comfort and their design differs little from chair to chair. To match them to a particular style, play with materials and colors instead. Opt for a black or gold leather armchair to install it in an industrial-type decor or on a seat in a woolen fabric. Beige or gray to furnish an office in a Scandinavian atmosphere.

In general, the office chairs offered by specialized manufacturers can be configured at will. Armrests or not, high or low backrest, addition of a headrest (“headrest”), choice of colors and textures of the seat but also the base, not to mention various ergonomic features. Treat yourself and choose the seat of your dreams from a wide range of products!

We generally organize workstations in blocks of 6 to 8 people. Make sure there is sufficient passage between each row. Avoid lining up tables one behind the other. Instead, vary the pleasures and arrange the islands in such a way as to foster a collaborative dynamic. Separate the areas of furniture from low storage, openwork partitions or planters. So many decorative elements also contribute to better acoustics of the premises.

Acoustic cabins

Because it is difficult to obtain a minimum of privacy in an open space and because some calls require discretion, you can offer telephone booths to your employees. These are fully sound-insulated booths equipped with a ventilation system in which calls can be made in peace. The same cabins are available in meeting format. It is a good solution for your employees who, in the context of teamwork, need to express themselves a little more freely than in the open space, where you must be careful not to disturb the neighbors. Meeting booths allow them to organize quick informal meetings without monopolizing a full meeting room.

Lockers and storage

Lockers can be located in the reception area or directly in the open space. As close as possible to your employees, so they can pick up their belongings when they need it. They can also serve as a separation between the islands.

More informal spaces

Finally, your open space can be dotted with small, more informal spaces. In short spaces in which you can sit more comfortably in sofas, armchairs, on cushions or ottomans etc … for work differently, even with your computer, or to converse a little apart, in peace. To put down the computer, you can complete the arrangement of side tables.

What lighting for an open space?

The lighting of the open space must be particularly studied in order to optimize the comfort and well-being of your employees in their workspaces. The room should be very well lit, while allowing natural light from outside during the day. The open space is thus mainly equipped with LED light tiles, integrated into the ceiling at regular intervals and fitted with a system allowing the light intensity to be varied as needed, to imitate daylight in winter.

As LED light tiles are more functional than aesthetic, complete them with pretty pendant lights, sconces or occasional table lamps. That will add charm here and there and can match the style of your room. You can also vary the moods with floor lamps or pendant lamps with indirect lighting and thus create a beautiful warm light.

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