Common MacBook Issues and Its Solutions

MacBook is one of the most popularly used laptops in the world. It is liked by professionals, students, office goers, and the general public as well. While MacBooks are made using premium hardware and software, users can sporadically face some MacBook repair reducing their productivity and causing frustration.

There are several MacBook repair centres capable of fixing any issue you might have with your device but not every issue requires professional help. Some issues can be solved at home easily. If you are facing some of these issues, then don’t panic, there are some things you can do yourself to fix it.

Common MacBook Issues

Power-Related Settings

PRAM, NVRAM, and SMC are some of the most essential components of any laptop computer or MacBook. These components are responsible for processing and storing startup functions in a laptop or MacBook. While newer Macs don’t come with PRAM, they are equipped with NVRAM for performing similar functions.

If any of these components are not working properly, you can experience issues with startup and power, speaker volume, screen resolution or more. You can reset the NVRAM and SMC to fix them. Follow the steps for different MacBook models to complete the reset process.

External Drive Not Recognized

Macbooks come with low storage and an external hard drive can work wonders for storing important files, movies, photos or other stuff. However, if your connected hard drive is not being recognized by the laptop, it can be a cause of concern.

Try changing the port to which the hard drive is connected. Install latest system updates and restart your system to see if the issue is fixed and if the hard drive is getting recognized or not. This issue is quite common and can be fixed easily at home rather than going to a MacBook repair shop.

MacBook Battery Drainage

MacBooks are famous for their superior battery backup and their ability to run for an entire day with just a single charge. Battery drainage is, however, one of the most common MacBook issues faced by users.

Resetting power management can solve this issue. Resetting the SMC can do the trick as well. To reset the SMC, turn off your MacBook, hold Shift + Control + Option after pressing the power button, and then release all the keys to restart the system. The battery drain issue should be fixed now.

Kernel Panic Issues

In Kernel panic, the screen goes black and an error occurs asking you to restart the device. This happens due to several reasons such as insufficient RAM, outdated firmware, plugins, drivers, broken disk permissions and more. It can be compared with the blue screen of death which comes in Windows.

To fix these issues, restart your Mac in a safe boot to disable apps and software causing the issue and run a clean-up process. Use disk utility to run First Aid and Repair disk permission. You can also try to upgrade your RAM and storage to see if the issue is fixed. If nothing works, formatting the system and re-installing MacOs is the only way.

Sluggish Performance

Is your MacBook performing slowly and lagging after you’ve opened a couple of browser tabs? Does it sometimes freezes in the middle of an operation and start loading? Your MacBook might be performing slowly because of insufficient storage or memory.

Cleaning up the system and freeing some space and RAM can bring back its speed. Reinstalling the current version again or installing a new version of macOS can also make your system perform smoothly. There are a number of articles and tutorials available online that you could follow to perform these steps. Just try and take a backup of your important files before doing the installation.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

A lot of users have complained about not being able to connect Bluetooth devices with their MacBook or their system not showing to other devices. If this has happened suddenly then might be something wrong with the Bluetooth software of your system and not the hardware.

Go to the System Preferences menu and first check whether the Bluetooth is turned On or not. If it is turned On but still not working properly, try restarting your Mac. If it still isn’t working, look for any software or system updates that are pending. In case nothing works, try manually rebooting the Bluetooth. Execute this command in the Terminal to reset the Bluetooth.

“sudo rm -R /Library/Preferences/”

Enter the password if prompted, restart the system and turn on the Bluetooth to see if the issue is resolved.

Wrapping Up

Every laptop and system is prone to facing small issues and glitches every now then. While there can be several Apple Macbook repair centres around your location, not every bug requires you to send the system for servicing. With this guide on common Macbook issues, you can fix some of them easily on your own.

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