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Choosing a 42mm Artificial Grass Pile Height

A 42mm pile height is the perfect height for a beautiful and comfortable grass surface. This type of artificial grass is available in two different thicknesses, with an overall thickness of 40mm and a pile height of 42mm. Each unit of 42mm Artificial Grass has a coverage area of four square meters, so a six-meter square area will require six units. To ensure you have enough for your needs, you should measure your area before buying.

Unlike traditional lawns, 42mm artificial grass is dense and spongy. With its high pile height, it can mimic a natural lawn. It’s soft, plush and luxurious, making it a perfect choice for your home. If you’re concerned about sponginess, you can choose a product with a low pile height for an affordable, lush-looking lawn. Just remember to choose a product with a pile height of 16mm or higher.

42mm Artificial Grass

Natural Look

Choosing a pile height that suits your needs is important. A pile of 16mm or less is a better choice for your home than a higher one. Alternatively, you can choose a higher pile height if you prefer a more durable, low-pile version. For the ultimate in luxury, consider the Artificial Grass. Its dense, plush design will give your home a more luxurious and spongy look than any other synthetic turf on the market.

If you’re looking for a grass with a higher pile height, then you’ve come to the right place. For the most natural appearance, 42mm artificial grass is dense and spongy. The pile height of this type of grass is typically around 16 to 18 millimeters. For a 42mm product, you’ll need at least 40mm. The higher the pile height, the more units you need.


For a high-end look, the 42mm pile height is perfect for a garden. This type of artificial grass is 40mm thick and has a soft, luxurious feel. It is also durable and water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for homes with children and pets. There’s no need to worry about mud when installing a 42mm artificial grass on your patio. And with its many benefits, you’ll be surprised that the real thing is much more affordable than you might think!

If you’re looking for a quality, low-pile option for your home, 42mm Artificial Grass is the best choice. Its incredibly soft pile is 42mm thick and makes it comfortable for bare feet, and its cadmium-free base is ideal for homes with pets. The 42mm version of 42mm artificial grass can be left outside in the sun and is safe for pets.

Pet Friendly

42mm Artificial Grass is the highest pile thickness available, and is an exceptional choice for a high-end, luxurious lawn. Its natural green tone and curled brown base makes it a luxurious option for homeowners and business owners. It is ideal for homes, as it can be left outdoors and not be damaged by direct sunlight. It’s the perfect choice for any home or office environment. The pile height of 42mm Artificial Grass is 42mm, which is ideal for outdoor areas.

When selecting a 42mm artificial grass for your home, you’ll need to choose a product with a pile height of 40mm. The 42mm artificial grass is thick and cushioned, so it’s the perfect choice for patios and decks. It’s cadmium-free, and pet-friendly. If you’re unsure which type to buy, check out the reviews on the product and read customer feedback.

Easy to Install

A 42mm pile height is the ideal thickness for a patio or decking. The 42mm pile height is ideal for patios, decks, and outdoor areas. The thin-profile product hides the artificial grass beneath the surface, making it a luxurious, comfortable choice. And if you’re not a fan of mud, this product is an excellent choice. It doesn’t absorb odors and is pet-friendly, and is safe for outdoor use.

The pile height of the artificial grass can also affect its comfort. The longer the pile height, the more flexible the fibers are. In addition to this, the higher pile height is better for people who have sensitive feet. The higher pile will also be more durable in harsh conditions. The thickness of the Grass will affect its cost. The 42mm pile height of the 42mm artificial grass is ideal for outdoor use. This product has a springy feel underfoot and a standard four-meter width.

42mm Artificial Grass


If you’re looking for a luxury, luxurious grass, the 42mm pile height is the perfect option. It has a 20mm pile height and is perfect for gardens and patios. The 42mm pile height is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. Its durability and UV-resistant qualities make it a popular choice for both commercial and residential applications. And it’s easy to install. The standard width of 42mm artificial grass is four meters wide, so you can install it quickly and affordably and cost of artificial grass is not very high.

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