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By best company microsoft surface repair dubai

Why do you need to repair your surface at Home?

The condition of the machine that you receive with Microsoft will be upgraded in a state that is “like as new”. It is likely that you will receive new batteries or ones that has less than twenty charge cycles as well as a screen that is scratch-free. The chassis might show some signs of wear. It is possible to receive a no-cost upgrade to your device like upgrading from Pro 5 to a Pro 5 to a Pro 6 Core i3 to Core i5 processor based on the stock that has been refurbished on available. But , they aren’t likely, so don’t put your money on it.

Laptop Repair World offers all types in microsoft surface repair dubai services including Surface Screen Broken, Cracked Repairing the screen, USB Connectivity, Charging issue, and even battery replacement. A common problem with Surface Laptops is the Touchpad not working is resolved by altering settings in the Software settings. However, the Surface laptop’s screen is cracked and should be repaired as per the replacement of the hardware. Therefore, we guarantee the complete Surface Laptop restoration with Quick troubleshoot and diagnosis before our technician arrives at your location.

Same Day Repair

We are an Individual Team that can manage repair service at any place in Hyderabad. After the customer has booked the appointment for the repair, our technicians will arrive in a flash and address the issue.


Laptop Repair World provides all the products sales and service for a low cost when you look at all aspects of the Sales and service market. The pricing for the Products Sales and Repair service are budget-friendly for all of our customers.

Genuine Spare Parts

We only deal with Original Spare Parts of all brands, which includes Assurance from the manufacturers, which ultimately will benefit our customers.

Technical Support

As a Priority for communication and assistance we have the support of a specialist technical team to gain a better understanding of the issue and the device .

Can Microsoft Surfaces be repaired?

In contrast to previous Microsoft devices unlike previous models, the Surface Laptop SE is designed to be repaired. It’s the Surface Laptop 3, which launched this month, was much easier to fix than the previous models.

The Surface hasn’t been the most successful of start-ups, however its recent price reductions have made sure that the device is starting to gain some movement. We’ll be keeping close watch on this device, as we anticipate at the very least some level of recognition in the near future.

We fix all issues using all faults with the Microsoft Surface Series. We have replaced batteries, LCDs, Charging Ports and many more across every Microsoft Surface products for the last five years.


You can trust any repairs done with the help of PSR, Inc. They provide an impressive 90-day warranty for labor and parts. Even if you think your device is beyond repair, it’s worth taking it to PSR for an assessment. We do not charge diagnostic fees If we are unable to repair the damage to your Microsoft Surface, you pay only the cost of returning it. In the majority of cases the team of experts at PSR, Inc. is competent to fix a Surface that appeared to be damaged. Before you tossing your damaged Surface in the garbage allow the professionals from PSR, Inc. look the surface for you.

Battery Replacement

Microsoft Surface devices have long-lasting batteries. The battery’s performance is different from person to individual depending on the usage also.

Here are the most frequent problems with batteries that you could encounter on the Microsoft Surface.


The battery drains extremely quickly.

Surface will only turn on only when hooked up to the power.

Battery charge very slowly.

If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above The solution is to replace the defective battery with a brand-new one. Surface battery replacements can be an extremely difficult repair because the battery is located beneath the screen.

Our skilled technicians at laptoprepair-dubai are able to complete the job within two to three hours.

Repairs to Logic Boards

A logic board generally known as a’motherboard’, and is sometimes referred to as the’main board’.

It comes with integrated circuit boards which contain components that connect to every component of the device in order to guarantee optimal performance.

In the sense that it’s the ‘brain’ device.

If a component fails to function on your device’s surface The most obvious solution would be to substitute the part. In some cases, even after replacing the component that is failing with a new model it is possible that the issue will persist.

This indicates that the issue is not related to the component itself, but is the motherboard underneath which is the culprit.

Our highly skilled technicians have been working on repairs to logic boards for over 15 years. If other people say it’s not possible We’ll gladly assist you in making it happen.

Warranties of Microsoft Surface Repairs

All of our Microsoft Surface repairs come with one-year warranty. If you encounter any issues in the repair, return the device to the repair area and we’ll do our best to solve the problem for you. The warranty is not valid to any physical or damages caused by other external causes. For more details on our warranty, please refer to the Warranty Policy.

The Laptop & PC technicians have the experience to solve any issue you are facing in the Microsoft Surface computer. With the top tools at our disposal, we can complete fully-guaranteed repair work that is cost-effective using high-quality replacement parts.

One of the lowest price, best standard Microsoft Surface Laptop, Book & Studio repairs

There’s never a perfect moment to let your device play up or require repair. We’re here to ease the burden on you and your wallet to make you back to your happy place. Our reputation is built on providing quality repairs to a variety of individuals and companies across the nation. Our high-quality authentic replacement parts, as well as experienced technicians result in happy customers who come to us every time their devices are in need of repair. We work hard to be efficient and keep our repair cost at a minimum.

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