Buy a quality crystal visor for more prolonged usage

Buy a quality crystal visor for more prolonged usage

Regarding race day, the correct crystal visor can distinguish between winning and losing. The sky can throw all sorts of weather at you on race day, from beaming sunshine to cloudy grey conditions. Therefore, seeing the track ahead is essential if you want to perform at your best. The below walks you through the ultimate guide to crystal Visor.

Things To Consider:


  • Light Conditions:

The most crucial factor when buying a perfect Visor is the expected light conditions. Are you likely to race to bright sunshine? Will you be running late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky? Perhaps you are doing most of your racing on an indoor track?

Various visor types are available; search and buy the perfect one according to your usage and light condition.

  • Color coordination:

Selecting the best crystal visor to match your helmet design perhaps will not improve your racing, but it will sure help you feel faster

  • Fogging:

If you do most of your racing indoors or in colder and wetter climates, you need to consider the fogging up of your visor.

  • Z20 Visors:

However, you can fit the range of 9 stunning visors to every full-face helmet in the helmet range. However, quick and easy to change, the Z20 visors can help you enhance your vision during low light or on the sunniest days.

Different types of tints for your crystal visors:

Various types of tinted visors are available in the market. You can search online about each visor’s types, benefits, features, and usage.

  • Dark tint

If you drive in the brightest and sunniest conditions, you want to consider the Z20 Dark Smoke visor. The Dark Smoke visor can ensure you can keep your eyes on the road ahead, guaranteed to prevent any glare.

  • Mid tint

However, for a classic all-rounder and just one crystal visor for a whole host of driving conditions, the mid-tint visors are perfect for you. The Z20 Prism Visors are hugely popular options ( for people who own a graphic or tinted helmet); these are great value for money. Moreover, other visors in the mid-tint level comprise the stylish Mirror and Iridium visors.

  • Low tint:

If you do not expect to be racing in bright conditions, but a crystal visor will not cut it for you, you want to consider the Z20 Smoke visor. However, the soft tint to help remove low-level light can be an excellent option for people racing in Winter situations.

  • Brightening

Deliberate for the days when the sun is not shining. The Z20 Amber crystal visors help to bring clarity and focus on these cloudy days when the light is flat. The added sharpness in vision can help pick the apex coming round corners and get everything on track into focus.

  • Z20 Anti-Fog Visors:

However, the standard Z20 visor incorporates a brilliant anti-fog coating; the specialized ANTI-FOGS visors are deliberate for the harshest conditions. For the coldest days when you require that edge on the competition, the Anti Fog visors offer clear vision when you want it most.

  • Visor Peak White:

Another option for improving your vision does not involve an actual crystal visor. However, the Visor Peak acts like the peak of a cap and can give an open feel to your helmet by removing the visor altogether. Moreover, popular with Touring Car Drivers, the ‘peak look’ is something worth considering.

Keeping That Motorcycle Visor Clean


Keeping your visor clean is essential to your image and your safety too. However, if your clear shade is not clear enough, your sight will be impaired, and you might even be in danger of having an accident. Moreover, your visor is there to protect your eyes from dust and dirt on the road, but you must clean it regularly for it to work correctly. Driving on and off the road can cause much dirt to collect on your visor.

While at the time, the quality visor protects your eyes from the sun’s glare, dust, and dirt particles, which can cause an accident. However, a shade will no longer keep you safe if not appropriately cleaned long-term.

Chemical cleaning products are terrible for visor cleaning, as they may damage the visor. Also, iridium and mirrored visors are particularly prone to damage when using industrial cleaners, as they interact badly with chemicals. Therefore, the best way to clean your screen is to keep it simple:

Detach it carefully and either rinse it in hot or cold water. Soap can cause issues, including permanent smudging, which is unsuitable for your crystal visor. When rinsing it, you must be careful with any attached grit. Moreover, you can use a soft cloth to wash it gently, not one that may scratch your visor. Do not forcefully move the grit, as it will mark if you do so.

Moreover, it might be best to rinse the cloth every time you wipe the clear visor and ensure that no dirt can stick to the fabric, which can cause scratches.

If the visor is severely muddy, do not be tempted to wash it down forcefully or with a rougher fabric. Moreover, it is best to wash the transparent visor carefully until you remove every bit of dirt. Therefore, it may take a while, but in the long term, it will save you money and keep you safe on the road. If you are on the road, it is worth investing in a soft reusable V2 sponge that can clean your visor without damage. These soft sponges maintain water for a certain period, keeping them hydrated and perfect for motorbike helmet visors.

Cleaning your visor will keep you and others safe on the road. It is integral to wash your visor regularly with a gentle cloth to continue doing its job – and keep you safe. It is best to make this habit of cleaning your visor. However, cleaning it before or after every time you use your motorcycle is an excellent way to maintain the routine, keeping you safe.

Clear Helmet Visor:

A good quality visor is an essential piece of equipment for the motorcyclist. However, you must look after it to maintain good vision in all weather and lighting conditions. Your crystal visor can often become soiled with dead flies, germs, and road debris even after short distances, and it will need regular cleaning. Therefore, you must do this carefully to avoid damaging the visor’s front surface.

A clear helmet visor is the basic and the most common type of helmet visor.

Benefits of having a clear visor:

  • Clear visors are transparent.
  • Best for longer use
  • It is suitable for women and kids while going out
  • They permit maximum light to pass through them and provide the highest visibility among the three types of visors, even in the darkest situation.

Cons of having one clear visor:

  • The crystal visor needs care; prone to damage.
  • Being transparent and being the one to permit the maximum amount of light to pass through it, it does not provide any protection from harsh sunlight.
  • Long rides on sunny days can stress your eyes if you use a clear helmet visor.
  • Clear visors are not aesthetically pleasing.


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