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Health and Fitness

Body: accept and love,13 steps towards yourself

You can try as much as you want to make your body perfect, but try to focus on the health and happiness of your body, and you will see that you are more beautiful than you might think. Getting rid of negative thoughts about yourself and your body means taking a big step forward in order to accept and love yourself.

In my understanding, self-love is, first of all, taking care of physical, mental and psycho-emotional health. Therefore, the position is close to me that the body is the temple of the soul and it is necessary to constantly take care of it in order to preserve its health, strength and natural beauty, while we fulfill our destiny.

In working on yourself, remember that you are not your body. And your body is not you. The very essence of every person comes from the heart and soul. We often forget about this, but each of us is much more than our outer shell. And even this external bodily manifestation needs love and care.

Accept your body 

Certainly, of all that may not suit us in our own body, we can change something in order to feel better, more confident and more beautiful, but something – not. Focus on what you like about yourself. Perhaps you have graceful wrists, or gorgeous hair, or maybe you have a beautiful back. Drop the notion of the perfection of ideals, and you will find that you like a lot about yourself. It doesn’t matter what height, size and volume you are, you are beautiful. You are you, and it is great to be you.

Health priority

Good health has strong benefits – we cope better with stress, have a strong immune system, feel great and are in a good mood. With good health as a foundation, you can pursue possible improvements in your appearance. Agree, healthy and well-groomed hair and skin, nails, beautiful posture and straightened shoulders are a serious claim for success!

Thank your body 

The human body works incessantly. We are not aware of most of the internal processes, the body does without our conscious control. The body is a complex life-sustaining mechanism, not just a decoration. Thank your body, appreciate its invisible labor. After practice, we always take a few minutes to thank the body for the practice. I think this simple emphasis is very important in recognizing the importance of the body and growing love for it.

Create a healthy space

Create a healthy and clean space for living and doing yoga or sports. If possible, reduce your exposure to toxic people. Try to eat healthy foods and drink more water. These are simple ways to take care of your body and yourself too. Maintain your mental health: incorporate meditation into your practice, let your mind let go of worries, learn to enjoy the peace and quiet of the present moment.

Love your abilities 

If you are on the path to accepting yourself, don’t get hung up on the body. Think about what you do well, about your talents and calling. If you are great at something, spend more time developing your abilities.

Move, do yoga or sports 

We may be dissatisfied with something in our appearance, but there are things that we can control and change. For example, we can take care to have a healthy, flexible, lively and agile body. Maintaining muscle tone, developing coordination of movements, and helping blood circulation are all things that will help you look healthy and beautiful. Its unique beauty. So you will benefit yourself much more than dreaming of a thin waist while lying on the couch.

Get rid of negativity 

Sometimes we don’t think about what we’re talking about. Quite often, you can hear someone dismissively talking about their shortcomings, without actually thinking so. What we say, especially if we repeat it often, becomes a part of us. Change your tactics, start saying (and thinking) that you look great, you feel great, and you are fine!

Hear your needs

Sometimes, instead of grueling training or intense practice, the body needs softer exercises. Sometimes you just need a good sleep or a walk in the park. Have you noticed which foods make you feel better? What kind of grooming rituals does your body enjoy? Take time to take care of your body. Remember that you have one body and it will serve you as long as your path lasts. Listen for cues and give your body what it wants. Eat when you are hungry. Rest if you are tired. The more comfortable your body is, the better you will look and feel.

Motivation inside

No external motivator will be as powerful as the motivation that comes from within. Someone can inspire us to take action, push us to change, but only you yourself can motivate yourself to do something. Do whatever you want to remind yourself how wonderful you are – read, watch movies or other works of art, start yoga or dance, awaken an inner desire to love yourself. When engaging in physical activity, choose those activities that will bring you pleasure and keep your body in great shape. Exercise to feel good, not to lose weight, for example.

Belief in yourself 

To make progress towards the goal visible, break down large goals into small ones. It is very inspiring when visible results appear, even if they are very modest. You can really change a lot on your own. Believe in success, everything will work out!

Dress nicely

Clothing for yoga or sports should be, first of all, functional. However, I recommend choosing a set of clothes that will also be beautiful and will emphasize the dignity of your figure. I have a lot of clothes to practice with, and there are things that I put on with great joy, and I know that they suit me. It may not be the main thing that motivates me to study, but if it brings joy, why not?

Revise your image 

A new haircut or hair color, and possibly a more global image change, can greatly help to please yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment, creative searches for your image, even if they do not solve the problem right away, will definitely expand the boundaries and awaken interest in change.

Social circle

Various kinds of thematic events, be it a city marathon or an outdoor retreat, are a great idea to spend time not only with benefit, but also to get a lot of pleasure. It’s so great to have fun when you are united by a common idea! Pleasure and fan will help you feel happier, and, therefore, you will look better, because nothing decorates better than a sincere smile.

If you are not happy with yourself and can fix it, do it! Do the best you can for yourself. May your ideal body be healthy and happy. 

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