Bis Certification

Bis Certification for import

Learn about the BIS certification and BIS import and the benefits they provide

Bis certification for import is used to certify that the products are up to the standards. For example, the quality of the product the reliability is determined with the BIS certification. It is proof that the product the customer is buying is authentic, after all. When the customer sees that the product has BIS certification, they assure themselves that they are purchasing a suitable product. During the preliminary visit, the standard of the product is done by the Bureau of Indian standards or, better we say, the BIS. The verification of the standard of the sample is also done during the surveillance visit. The expert confirms that your product is fit for use or not. After the confirmation, only one gets the certification that their product is authentic respectively.

Furthermore, the government’s main aim is to ensure that the people’s health is in safe hands and to guarantee that they are safe from any fraud. The BIS increases the level of trust among the customer.

If the entrepreneur goes for the BIS certification, they will stand out in the long run among all the competitors. The accreditation gives your product the authentic stamp that you are very purely and genuinely running your business. Therefore significant legitimacy, purity, and safety of the product can be only being achieved with the BIS certification.

Now people bear enough knowledge about the benefits of going for a certified product. They will hardly opt for a product without certification. Certification increases the level of trust among the customers as they are getting hundred percent assurances for the product’s quality.

Get our expertise for BIS certification for import

So if you want to enrich your knowledge about the bis certification for import, then you can come to the Eikonsem Services and get a complete guide on how to proceed. One will get full assistance from our consultants who have great expertise in the certification process. One should look for the ISI mark on the product, which is proof that the product is of quality and is authentic. For around 300 products, the BIS certification is there. The certification cost of the BIS varies for different products. For the small, medium, and large enterprises, the price will vary accordingly. One can fill the form online as per the guidelines, which ate correctly mentioned on the BIS website itself.

Once you contact Eikonsem Services, we will narrate the whole procedure to you in a much easier manner. After filling the online form and once your form and all other documents are verified, you get your registration number. Also, keep in mind that always tests your product in the BIS laboratory, which is renowned. The registration number is obtained only after scrutinizing by the higher official and the experts from the BIS. Do not forget to take the screenshot after you get the acknowledgment for your application or any other thing to be safe with proof. The payment can be made by the demand draft—the photocopy of the demand draft and the NEFT must be taken, respectively.

Therefore BIS certification is fundamental if you want to go ahead with the manufacturing process smoothly. The approach of the BIS is holistic to implement the quality of the product of the manufacturers.

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