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Best way to ship books when selling on

Selling on Amazon is a fantastic way to supplement your income or grow an existing business. And you can get started right away because everyone’s experience with selling on Amazon differs. The first step is to consider the type of business you want to establish.

The book writer discusses the main factors. You will need to make and an explanation of how to sell on Amazon.

Select a marketplace

While you are free to sell on whichever marketplace, you like. The following guidelines are necessary:

  • Sell in the US marketplace if you are a US seller. The United States is not the largest of Amazon’s marketplaces. But it is also the most straightforward.
  • Sell in the EU marketplace if you’re a vendor from the EU or the UK. The EU marketplace is the world’s second-largest Amazon’s marketplace. The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands are all included. Because of taxation and linguistic hurdles. It is not as straightforward to sell on as the US marketplace, but it is convenient for EU-based vendors.
  • Sell on the US marketplace if you are a seller from anywhere else globally. Because the other global marketplaces do not have as much traffic as the US marketplace. It is preferable to start with the larger, more straightforward US marketplace.

Select your business model

Amazon is well-suited to various business models. Amazon caters to a wide range of budgets, time commitments, and seller personalities. But, the business strategy you choose is resting on whether you know what you want to sell on Amazon’s.

The Internet can help you in various ways. Like, find high-demand and low-competition products. Which you can sell or confirm a market potential for something you currently own or create.

The following are the most common Amazon business models:

Private Label

A product that manufactures bulk products under one’s own brand or label. Sixty-seven percent of all Amazon’s merchants use the private label business model.


A Wholesale is a term that refers to a While private labeling is selling one’s brand. That’s why Wholesale entails purchasing branded products in quantity from another company to resell on Amazon. 26% of Amazon sellers use a wholesale approach.

Reselling (Arbitrage)

Resellers use retail or online Arbitrage to buy discounted products in retail outlets. Big-box retailers, or even online on discount sites. Like eBay, then resell them on Amazon for a more fantastic price. Nineteen percent of Amazon’s sellers use retail Arbitrage. In contrast, 17 percent uses online Arbitrage.


Dropshipping is a phrase that refers to the process of selling products online. Dropshippers are businesses that market and sell products made by other companies. When a client purchases, the drop shipper obtains the product from the supplier. And ships it to the client. Dropshippers account for 9% of all Amazon’s merchants.


Handcrafted Amazon’s merchants design their things. Such as jewelry, apparel, or presents to sell on the site. Amazon Handmade, unlike the other business models, has its segment on the marketplace. Six percent of Amazon sellers use Amazon’s Handcraft.

Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon Merch are two other ways to sell on Amazon’s. Both for digital products or a little more niche.

Select your fulfillment method

On Amazon, there are two ways to fulfill orders: FBA and FBM.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

FBA is an Amazon selling method. In which a seller (or a seller’s supplier) sends their products to Amazon’s warehouses. Then Amazon keeps the merchandise. Ships it straight to the consumer and handles customer service.

FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant)

FBM is an Amazon selling strategy in which a seller offers their products on Amazon. But handles all storage, shipping, and customer service (or through another third party). A Merchant Fulfilled Network, or MFN, is another name for this.

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