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Most parents these days monitor cell phones and tablet devices to protect kid’s online safety. However, parents forget to look into the laptop and desktop PCs of the children. The computing devices are equally harmful and dangerous. The internet-connected PCs have changed the course of monitoring. You have to have the best spy software for PC to keep an eye on = computer devices running with different operating systems. Now the question arises, why should anyone keep an eye on PCs?

Why has spy software for PC?

There are plenty of reasons that have made us get our hands on PC spying software. However, two reasons force people to spy on PCs remotely no time ever before.

Digital parenting

Traditional parenting is necessary, but kids’ online monitoring enables parents to secure young kids online. You have to keep a hidden eye on kids to protect them from online predators and inappropriate activities. Spy software for PC empowers you to keep an eye on kid’s PCs screen, block websites, capture screenshots, record keystrokes, and many more. Gone are the days, when parents used of using manual parenting methods to protect kids from strangers like Clever Never Goes, and say no to strangers.  Parents have to protect their kid’s online privacy and watch what they are doing on social media platforms. You can protect kids from cyberbullying, online dating, drug abuse, and adult content.

Employee monitoring

Business professionals are facing losses due to many reasons. Unproductive employees can destroy any business at any point in time. Therefore, an employer needs to spy on employees during working hours to measure productivity. Disgruntled employees can sell business data to third parties via business PCs. So, employers need to monitor and track employees to secure business productivity and safety. There is no better option for employers to use spy apps for PCs.

What is spying app for PC?

Spy software for PC is a high-tech tool that works on laptop and desktop computer devices remotely. It has Windows operating system and works in hidden mode. It works secretly and unveils every activity of your kids and employees with a schedule. Users can monitor ad track the productivity of the employees, and kids’ activities in installed PC browsers. The application is easy to install and takes few minutes to configure itself on the target PC. You can use the dashboard and activate the features of PC monitoring software. It enables you to know what your kids and employees are doing on laptop and desktop PCs.

Top features of spy app for PCs

Here are the following features that you can find in the best spying app for PCs. Let’s discuss every feature in the following.

Window key logger

It is one of the best features of a PC spy app. You can record and capture keystrokes on a target laptop and desktop device.

You can capture passwords, messages, emails, and messenger keystrokes on computer devices.

View installed apps

Parents and employers can monitor a complete list of apps installed on your target computing device. Users can get the list of installed apps alongside the names of the apps.


Users can watch what is happening on the target PC by capturing back-to-back screenshots and save into the dashboard. Users can schedule the number of screenshots using PC monitoring software.

Screen recording

Users can record live PC screens using the screen recording app. It enables users to record back-to-back short videos and send them to the online dashboard of the spy app for PC.  You need to activate the feature by having access to the web control panel. It will start recording video recording of the target device screen.

Block websites

Parents and employers can block time-wasting and inappropriate websites like social media on kids’ and employees’ desktop devices. You need to copy the URLs of the websites and paste the URLs into the filters.

Read emails

Employers can spy on sent and received emails on PCs during working hours. Employers can get to know how employees are dealing with clients via sent and received emails.

How to get the best spy software for PC?

You need to visit the TheOneSpy webpage and visit the solutions page. TheOneSpy has multiple products for android iPhone, windows, and MAC. You can choose a windows solution and get the subscription having physical access to the target device. You need to complete the configuration process. Moreover, get access to the web control panel and activate the features to get the job done.


Spy app for PC is the best solution for parents and employers to keep an eye on kids and employees remotely. Parents can safeguard kids online, and employers can protect business intellectual property.

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