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Firstly, If you want to serve people or you like helping people and you are a people person, then becoming a real estate agent is right for you. By starting a real estate business, you can help people with the complicated process of buying and selling real estate. It is a stressful and complicated process to go through the most important transaction of buying or selling a property. You need to be ready and well prepared to help people through this complicated process. Below are few steps to help you start your own real estate business and become the best realtor in Canada

Select your specialty

The field of real estate is a very competitive industry.

We suggest that you select your specialty to be successful in this industry. Below are a few real estate specialty fields for Guri Kang top realtor in Canada.

  • Residential
  • Condos
  • Commercially zoned properties
  • Income properties (homes purchased to make income in rentals or leasing)
  • Rental Property


  • Obtain a License

Does not matter if you are doing business in Canada, Los Angeles, New York, or any other state, you will need a valid real estate license to do business to become the best realtor in Canada.

A Real Estate License

  • You have to complete these steps to get your real estate license and start working as a real estate agent.
  • You have to give an exam on the real estate pre-licensing course. Such exams cover laws and regulations with real estate legislation.
  • After the completion of the real estate licensing exam, you can apply for a real estate license. 
  • Check out a brokerage firm to start working with. To start your operations, because you first need to affiliate your license with a licensed real estate agency. It is an important step that requires complete research and consideration.

A Broker License

  • Requires a real estate license
  • Expertise: So you need to have at least 2 to 4 years of experience in the real estate field and Most importantly You may be required to show transactions before you can apply for a broker license
  • Broker’s exam: You need to pass an exam to get your license

Brand Awareness and Identity 

If you want to be successful as a real estate agent, then you need to create a memorable and strong brand identity.

The brand is the way people recognize your company and A strong brand image will help you in taking an edge in the marketplace which is today very competitive.

Consider the questions below:

  • Who will choose my services?
  • What advantage will my customers get?
  • What are the values of my business?
  • How I can provide my customers with the best experience?

moreover, the brand of your business is formed by your answers to the above questions. So this knowledge should be embedded in your all branding decisions. The name of your company, its logo, and its website design should be developed keeping in mind these ideas.

Build your online presence

A survey has been conducted, and the results are that 90% of homebuyers begin their search to purchase a home online, and 40% of homebuyers contact a real estate agent after looking for them online.

Moreover, its important for you to build an awesome online presence that makes a good first impression. So this can be done with a well-designed website and local listing on search engines, and social media presence.

So ensure that the design of your website is fit for purpose of real estate and is easy for your audience to get all the information in one place. Because  content on your website should reflect your own voice and identity


The four steps listed above are the key tips if you want to become a successful real estate agent. So follow these steps to get an edge over your competitors and get help to get going on your successful career path as a real estate agent. 

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