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We are now surrounded by the beauty of the universe. Every factor of our  personality, whether in professional or personal life  is being constantly judged by colleagues and loved ones.  Thus, it’s important to maintain every aspect of your personality and get appreciation from everyone.  Best Lip fillers mark a significant foot-print on your self- esteem , but ageing and other issues fade away lips appearance and aesthetics. Lips fillers have now fully integrated into the culture of the beauty industry. 

Due to Volume less, cracked and uplifted lips, we lost our confidence because of the constant weird look and comments of people. Though, we can not stop people’s perception about us, but make them compliment us by taking a few possible steps.

Here, we want to share good news with you, Dynamic Clinic Dubai has introduced the best Lip Fillers in Dubai with promising results and benefits.

Stretch your back to get more information, we will address all your concerns through this informative article relating to lip fillers.

Everything you Need to Know about Lip Fillers:

Consider it your complete guide to know about lip fillers, cost, benefits and risks and mystery surrounding this procedure.

Cosmetic industry has invented many aesthetic products which have taken the entire beauty universe  by surprise , but within time they have lost from trends and become outdated. The Lip filler case is different, despite being surrounded by some mystery and stereotypes in the beauty universe, especially relating to staying power of lip fillers. Its popularity among beauty freaks never comes down. If you want fuller smoother and plumper lips, then lip injection Dubai is the must-have destination to fulfil your dream.

Fan Fact: Whatever result you want to achieve by taking lip filler, your decision is supported by millions. Why, around 3 million people around the world opted for soft tissue filler in 2020 alone. 

What are Lips Fillers?

Dermal fillers are the most prevalent and popular minimal invasive injectable treatment to fill different parts of the body, but most requested region patients want to inject filler is lips .It’s made of hyrulanic acid, a substance found in  human body, but in lips filler work in a more robust way by adding volume, reducing the signs of ageing.

Types of Lip Fillers:

You can find different types of dermal filler  available with varying degrees of benefits and results. However, most used fillers in the cosmetic industry include hyaluronic acid and collagen. Types of fillers:

  1. Juvederm 
  2.  Teosyal 
  3.  Restylane 
  4.  Artecol

Who Gets Lip Fillers:

Getting lip fillers is a personal choice to fulfill your body appearance is encouraging. Following are the requirements to get fillers. These include:

Be in good physical and mental health

Have realistic expectations

No prior oral allergies including canker sores and cold sores

All the above mentioned requirements are necessary before getting lip fillers. But its more viable and practical to have consultation with your dermatologist, so that he/she can exactly apprise you about the condition and decide whether you are ideal candidate for the treatment or not.

Benefits of Lips Fillers:

  • Lip fillers are injectable treatments and therefore require minimal or no incision involved in this application.
  • Collagen and hyaluronic acid considerably increase the size of  uneven and unshaped lips by regulating skin cells. 
  • Shorter recovery after going through this procedure. 
  • You can reverse back your original lips, In case you find that filler did work as per your expectations, for this dermatologist inject special enzyme to disinfect hyaluronic acid. 

The cost of dermal filler is within your reach as compared to other lip augmentation treatment, but lip fillers cost in Dubai has no comparison.

How much Time it takes to inject Lip fillers:

Dermatologist will apply  numbing cream on the surface of the lip before injecting the filler; it usually takes  30 to 40 minutes for this process to be done. 

The dermatologist uses injection to infuse it on the upper lip, lower and edges  of the lips, chances of pain are minimal, you may feel a little pinching.

Ice cubes are applied  on the surface of the lips, to reduce swelling and pain. Here, the entire process comes to an end.

Russian Lip fillers an Emerging Trend:

Russian lip filler technique is quite different from normal dermal fillers, which has taken the Dubai aesthetic industry  by storm. Though, normal dermal fillers have good results we can’t deny that, but The Russian technique promises impressive results by improving lip volume, size and superbly even lip lines.

Dynamic clinic has continued the tradition of introducing this emerging trend, Russian lip fillers in Dubai for their valued and esteemed patients .

What is the Difference Between Russian Lips and  Classical Fillers :

Russian are prominent around the world  owing to their incredible beauty and Glamour. Especially, Russian women’s lip appearance and fullness make them an ideal beauty snap among beauty freaks.  The Russian lip make a subtle heart shape in the center of the lip by enhancing volume of the lips.

The Difference:

Dissimilar to conventional lip filler, an injector utilizing the Russian Lip procedure infuses the item in an upward direction beginning at the foundation of the lip and drawing the item outward toward the lip line. As opposed to beginning from the lip line and working internal, the injector resolves the item from within.

its often observed that traditional fillers tends to lift lip by enhancing excessive volume, but Russian technique lift lip naturally and thus have become very popular among beauty birds.


Russian lip technique requires double the amount of time as compare  to the traditional technique. Tiny Droplets of product between lip tissues artful handling to get uniform, parallel and heart shape Mouth.


Due to extra time and product involve in Russian lip technique, your are expected pay a little bit more as compare to the traditional one. But, the result is worth of the little investment you have made.

How much does Lip Augmentation cost in Dubai?

As compared to surgical lip augmentation treatment, lip fillers are much more cost- effective and viable.   The cost of this application varies as per your requirement and expectation. In Dubai lip fillers price roughly starts from 1400 to 1500 AED.


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