Best iPhone Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

When we talk about photography or photographers, the first thing that might come to your mind is expensive cameras, huge lenses, lots of expertise, some high-tech equipment and so much more. To be honest, you don’t need any of that anymore to capture a stunning image. With some high-tech smartphones and social media platforms available all you need to do is keep your eyes open and wait for the perfect timing to snap the perfect shot.

Any smartphone having top-notch specs can allow you to capture stunning images of people, animals, landscapes, portraits and so much more. However, it is not always the equipment that matters but the photographer should also have an eye for photography. One can even create some stunning images using low-spec smartphone cameras as well. You can get inspiration from photographers featured on National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Don’t know where to watch? Both networks are a part of Spectrum Silver channels so you can simply land yourself a Spectrum TV subscription to tune into the two TV channels. You can also follow popular photographers on Instagram and get all the photography tips you need. Here are a few photographers you can follow on Instagram:

Kim Haggstrom

Kim Haggstrom, based in Portland, has curated a vast and beautiful collection of superb clicks that showcase strong contrast, neutral colors and so much flavor that will make you fall in love with her clicks. She has captured a wide range of subjects and the composition colors in her photography makes them a perfect fit on her Instagram feed. Kim’s main photography expertise is in focusing on strong focal points and frames that capture the subject perfectly.

Kevin Russ

Kevin is an iPhone photographer who posts general takes pictures of the American Wild West. On his Instagram profile, you might be able to see some brilliant snaps of landscape shots that will leave you amazed. You can try imitating his work and see if you can get the same level shots with your iPhone.

Laura Pritchett

Laura has a unique style when it comes to photography and she is one of the individuals who started photography when she was just a teenager. She experimented with different concepts before and transitioned them into digital pictures. She was able to develop some great masterpieces and then used to paint her photographs later on. She started to get a lot of commercial opportunities from brands including Van Cleef & Arples, Google, Audi, Cole Haan and many other popular brands whom she has worked with.

David Guttenfelder

Being a National Geographic photographer David’s main focus on cultural subjects, geopolitical conflicts, conservation and so much more. He has spent around 20 years as a photojournalist and documentary photographer in countries like India, Ivory Coast, Kenya and around 100 countries. He has made almost 40 trips to North Korea. On his Instagram account, you can have a look at different events like protests, cultural gatherings and many other interesting subjects that will amaze you.

Dina Alfasi

Dina Alfasi is one of the most versatile photographers who has a slightly different taste when it comes to photography. His expertise if portrait photography as his clicks show the personality of the subject and become a perfect depiction of how they feel when the picture is taken. His pictures have the perfect composition even when he captures random moments.

To conclude

iPhone photography is one lucrative hobby and skill to have. You get to come across different cultures, people, places and events that you might not know about. Also, learning iPhone Photography is relatively easier and affordable than mainstream digital photography. You can have a look at different courses online and enhance your skills in the perfect manner.

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