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Best Custom Gift Card Boxes Services

Custom Gift Card Boxes are what you need in your Life to make your Loved one Feel Cherished.

You wrap your gift before giving it to your special someone. But if you are terrible at wrapping presents, then it is time you leave them behind. It only wastes your time, effort, and money. Instead, you can use Custom Gift card boxes. That is a much more convenient and a thousand times better option than wrapping your gift. Gift cards are on another level, and they give your loved one feelings of sophistication and elegance. When they receive it, they feel more appreciated.

They not only have the purpose of looking pretty but protecting the contents inside the box. Did you know that people keep these gift card boxes as memories that remind them of past times? So they are essentially just as much as the gift inside the box.

What benefits do you get with Gift card boxes bulk?

At the innovative packaging, we provide lower cost rates for more oversized orders. In conclusion, we provide you with the lowest costs compared to our competitors’ offers in the market. The only people who can expertly guide you on ordering and purchasing wholesale gift card boxes are the people who know the ins and outs of the packaging industry or have been in the packaging business for a long period. Experience is what matters.

What does customization of Gift card packaging entail?

To make your gift card boxes look alluring and aesthetically pleasing, we give you free rein over every customizing feature we have, like offset and digital printing that uses high-quality ink like Pantone or CMYL.

Offset printing:

This method is entirely ink-based with a three plates system. The first is to draw an image; the second is to pour ink on it. The third is to attach the picture to it and finally printing the final image and getting excellent results.
Digital printing: this method of printing is like a regular office printer. It uses dried toner-based ink. The picture is sent to the printer using special software, and the picture, appearance, and drawing are printed easily. One downside of using this technique is that it might be a little heavy on your pocket, but it will cost a lot less cheap than the actual price if you purchase our services in bulk.
Flexography: it uses a technique of printing that is similar to letter pressing. The font size in this technique is in the range of 12pt-24pt.

You can print any drawing, doodle, and design you want on your gift boxes. You can even use your brand name or logo artwork or image to make your brand more popular and stand out. In summation, you can choose different color combinations that attract your customers’ attention from a mile away. Our latest printing technology and techniques will blow your mind. Thye will make your gift boxes surreal and ethereal using vibrant and beautiful colors.

What can you add on top of customization?

You can make your boxes unique and different by coating the surface of them with material like:
Glossy finish
Matte finish
Aqueous coating
Spot UV and so much more!

You can also use features like embossing, Debossing, foiling, PVC window matching, inserts, and window cut style! We have no limitation on your imagination here. We provide all the tools and materials to make your gift boxes the stuff of dreams. Silver and gold stamp foilings are most popular with many brands for a look of approval and regalness.
All these options at your disposal with just one request make your Gift Card Boxes Wholesale more fancy and impressionable.

Durable gift card boxes are always superior to wrapping

It will help if you choose reliable and high-quality materials boxes for your gifts and lovely sentiments. You don’t want your loved ones to open their gifts with a torn-up, dented gift card box. That is why we give you the best quality packages, durable and resilient, like rigid card boxes and such.

Cardboard box:

It is one of the most common materials that the packaging industry uses. It contains cellulose and wood pulp or fibers. The thick layers of the card box make it more durable and sustainable from moisture and water, protect your messages and gifts on the inside, and protect them from any external damage. The texture of the card box can be made smooth or textured with a pattern depending on your style and choice that gives it an elegant feel.


This material is thinner than most of the boxing options, but you can change its thickness according to the specification of your product. The best thing about these materials is that they are eco-friendly. It is the top choice for people who are more conscious about the environment and pollution.

Corrugated card boxes:

It is the material that consists of flutes and 1 or 2 linerboards. The flutes are further divided into six categories. And each type has its range of thickness. This material’s construction is considered excellent for fragile products like glass or some other breakable material. They also offer a considerable amount of protection during complex shipping conditions.

Rigid gift card boxes:

This is the most solid material compared to all the gift card material types discussed here. It is also recyclable but proves the difficulty of doing so because of its challenging nature. The ideal for products that need protection against outer elements. Most durable choice if you want your gift package to reach your loved one safe and sound then the innovative packaging is the best way for you.

Using high-quality materials that are durable and reliable creates brand trust and familiarity that boosts your sales and profit margins by a lot. Here at the innovative packaging, we offer all these fantastic packaging options and more! Every Custom Gift card box has its requirements and demands, and we are equipped fully to handle those needs, all under one roof that saves you money, time, and effort.

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