Best Brunch Restaurants in The Woodlands

Brunch is a very popular meal, especially on the weekends. If you are looking for brunch restaurants in The Woodlands, make sure to check out our blog post. We have listed some of the best places to go for brunch! We also included information about whether each place has bottomless mimosas and bloody marys as well as if they take reservations.

Fielding’s Wood Grill

Fielding’s Wood Grill has been voted one of Woodland’s top 10 Brunch Restaurants. Fielding’s Wood Grill is a restaurant that specializes in brunch and dinner. They offer dishes such as smoked salmon eggs benedict, lobster and shrimp omelets, and apple cinnamon pancakes. For those who are looking for a new Brunch spot with great food, Fielding’s Wood Grill should be on your radar.

Baja Cantina And Fiesta

The Baja Cantina offers a relaxed atmosphere with their menu that features the perfect blend of Mexican, Latin and California cultures. If you’re looking for somewhere smaller than your average restaurant to take children out on family brunch day this may be just what they need as it caters specifically towards those who don’t want full sit down service but still enjoy some good food! You can also grab one or two mickey mouse pancakes from our specials section if we have them available which is only open during Sunday mornings at 10:30am

Cru – A Wine Bar

Sip and savor at CRU, where you can enjoy a mimosa or bellini by the glass. Their Sunday brunch menu features selections of dishes with dessert! Favorites include mini Belgian waffles covered in peanut butter icing; goat cheese beignets served warm from the oven and topped off beautifully with strudel doughnuts ; crab cake Benedict made just how we like it.

Avanti Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar

From sweet to savory, this Italian restaurant features it all on their menu. Local favorites include zeppole (Italian mini doughnuts filled with Nutella) and crispy fried chicken & waffles; there’s even live music during your meal from 11am – 3pm which only adds more elegance into an already inviting ambiance. And if that weren’t enough reason for you to visit Avanti in person then try out one of its sister dining concepts: Via Emilia But located just down Highway 59 from The Woodlands Mall exit ramp.

The Kitchen

What’s better than brunch? When it comes time for your next breakfast with friends, head to The Kitchen in downtown Binghamton. With an exciting selection of Benedicts and more! From their famous cinnamon roll pancake all the way down to migas- this place has got you covered from start (Benedict) till finish line (migas). If there was anything left they could possibly add onto that menu… well let’em do away with any doubts by bringing on some mimosas for three different flavors prepared just right here at home; try the flights available here today so that taste becomes indistinguishable between regular champagne or something even stronger.


The best brunch spots are at Fielding’s Local. Sunday mornings should be reserved for a good meal and an amazing drink or three, but if you’re looking to save time then this restaurant has got your back! They offer signature cocktails from award-winning mixologists as well as live music during Saturday brunches that will make any hangover go away quicker than expected (if there even is one). With so many yummy dishes like chicken & waffles with fried egg on top; pancake stack dripping in maple syrup–you really can’t go wrong here.

Looking for things to do in the Woodlands? Fielding’s Wood Grill is a great spot for some food and drinks. It has an outdoor patio with plenty of seating, which is perfect for warmer weather! Fielding’s Wood Grill offers lunch, dinner and brunch menus and features items such as burgers, tacos and salads.They have a full bar so you can order any drink from their menu including beer, wine and cocktails! If you’re looking to try somewhere new check out Fielding’s Wood Grill today!

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