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Benefits of Switching to Organic Coffee

When it comes to coffee, most people do not really mind where their coffee comes from, as long as they get their caffeine fix for the day. It is true that coffee has the power to fine-tune one’s focus and boost energy levels. People actually depend on their daily cup of joe to get their day started on the right track. But then, people still do not recognize the importance of choosing the right one that can offer a lot of healthy advantages the most. To maximize all of the health benefits that coffee can offer, you have to be mindful of picking organic coffee rather than just the traditional one. Over the years, organic coffee has become a popular choice for coffee drinkers. They can be more enjoyable to drink as much as how it is a great way to kickstart your day on the right foot.

Organic Farming Standards and Techniques

Organic coffee uses beans that have been grown and processed according to organic farming standards and techniques, without having to use almost any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This coffee comes from a farm that prioritizes sustainability. This farm also incorporates other socially responsible activities as well, like recycling, composting, soil health, and environmental protections. For it to be considered organic, only a few of these chemicals are allowed at times, but only in small quantities. When the coffee has passed through checking — from planting the bean to having them brewed, it is then labeled to be an organic coffee.

Though some people believe that drinking coffee regularly may impose health risks. It is only because of the chemical and pesticide residues, which are effects of using inorganic coffee growing methods. But when consuming organic ones, you will be guaranteed to acquire various health benefits. You can enjoy their rich flavor that are free of chemicals. And not only will it benefit one’s overall health, but the environment and for the farmers who grow it too.


Coffee is actually one of the most chemically treated plants that are produced. This means that the traditional type of coffee is mostly integrated with farm chemicals. Farmers producing and growing them typically incorporate pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. They are further discovered to be imposing and triggering high risks of serious conditions such as cancer. These chemical properties can also cause damage to one’s reproductive and nervous systems. Furthermore, as they are grown using pesticides, the plant can pass the damaging chemicals into the beans. When consumed, can accidentally be ingesting all manner of chemicals that were present.

On top of all these, the traditional way of growing coffee beans can be harmful to the environment as well. In a way that farmers commonly use harmful substances with chemical properties. They can also pose serious health risks to the land, animals, and people they contact.

However, with organic coffee, you are guaranteed a cup of joe that is free from any chemical properties. Thus, a better and a healthier option for your regular caffeine intake. They are grown using a more natural method, which has the goal of prioritizing everyone’s health in this case.

More Nutrients

Organic coffee incorporates little to no amount of synthetic chemicals to the beans and nutrients in organic soil. With this, they tend to have more vitamins and minerals than with the traditional coffee. Though coffee is somehow deemed to lack a significant amount of macronutrients, there are some micronutrients that are present in this particular beverage. Notably potassium, niacin, and magnesium. These nutrients are present only in small amounts for coffees, but any extra sources of these are helpful. Moreover, they also contain minimum amounts of essential vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B5. This makes the regular consumption of coffee healthier, particularly the organic ones.

High in Antioxidants, Boosts Energy Levels

Any plant that is grown in any traditional and natural method is rich in antioxidants. And as organic coffee is grown in clean soil, sun and rain, it can definitely be very healthy. Being high in antioxidants can be a way to improve the immune system and guard the body against diseases. Organic nutrients that are found in organic coffee are also known for its power to reduce stress levels, increase mood, and boost one’s metabolism as well.

Like any coffee out there, may it be traditional or organic, it is considered as a central nervous system stimulant. It is particularly because of its ability to fight fatigue and increase energy levels. This is because of the caffeine, which is a stimulant, and one of the properties that drive the increase of energy levels. This property also has the ability to decrease fatigue through altering levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Key Takeaway

If you compare organic coffee to the traditional, regular ones, it is then proven to be healthier, providing more nutrients and vitamins to the consumers. Organic ones are actually believed to be healthy alternatives to those grown or processed through the standard methods, since any organic products are incorporated with lesser pesticides and harmful chemical elements. It is beneficial for the farmers as well. They would not be using the said pesticides and artificial fertilizers, thus, reduces the risk of harmful chemical ingestions. This also means a healthier environment for all. Overall, consuming organic coffee is beneficial in all aspects. So if you do not recognize it yet, maybe now is the time to try and see its power for yourself!

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