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Beautiful Trekking Destinations in Nepal you must know

Nepal is the best choice for people looking to go on once-in-a-lifetime activities. Both Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, and Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain peak, are found in Nepal. Mountaineering is a well-liked tourist attraction in Nepal, along with other adventure and ecotourism pursuits. Devoted tourists can choose from an almost infinite number of magnificent itineraries in Nepal. Therefore, we’ve included the top trekking destinations in Nepal below for your consideration.

Nepal’s Top Trekking Destinations:

Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is a popular and desired activity all around the world. This journey is regarded as the most breathtaking in the world and offers an experience of a lifetime. It is also the largest walk inside Sagarmatha National Park, which is the highest national park on Earth.

A package called the Premium Everest Base Camp Trek consists of a trek to the base camp of Mount Everest and a heli-excursion to return from the trek. For individuals with limited time who wish to visit the Everest Base Camp, this package is the ideal option. Everest Base Camp Trek is popular, but if you plan wisely, you can easily conquer Everest Base Camp Trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the more difficult treks in the Himalayas. It normally begins in Machhakhola and ends in Besi Sahar in the Manaslu region of Nepal. The eighth-highest peak in the world, Mt. Manaslu (8163m), is reached via the Manaslu Trek route. You’ll pass picturesque little Gorkha villages, Sama gaon, Tilje villages, and Larke La Pass (5106m) along the journey. All of these locations are a part of the Manaslu Conservation Area. Before being allowed to visitors in 1992, the Manaslu Trek in Nepal was off-limits to foreigners. Near the shared border between Tibet and Nepal, it is situated.

The Round Manaslu Circuit Trek may be the best excursion for you if you want to enjoy both an exciting tour and a stunning natural landscape. Around 2,000 plant species, 110 bird species, 11 butterfly species, snow leopards, grey wolves, musk deer, blue sheep, and significant numbers of Himalayan Thar can all be found on the Mount Manaslu Trek.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

On the northern side of Pokhara, Nepal’s lovely city, you’ll find Annapurna Base Camp (4130 m). Fishtail Base Camp (MBC), located at a height of 3700 meters, offers subtropical forest and hills, as well as Rhododendron, Bamboo, Oak, and Birch woods.
The 14-Day Annapurna Base Camp Trek is unquestionably a memorable excursion after EBC Treks. ABC Treks provides the ever-present Himalayan scenic climax. These displays are the product of glaciers eroding the massive, 6000–8000 m-high Himalayan chains.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the most inspiring and alluring trekking destinations in the world. If you want some excitement, fun, and thrills apart from the hectic and stressful city life, take this Himalayan walk. As you come into contact with the gorgeous mountains, variegated landscape, and diversified cultures, get ready for the next level of peace and surprise.
If the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is not to their liking, they can carry on and visit the Annapurna Circuit’s summit in 17 days. You may experience the perfect blend of nature and tradition on an exhilarating trip around the Annapurna Circuit Trek as you pass through the charming ethnic settlements and cross countless suspension bridges.

Island Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek

A popular attraction for many trekkers looking to obtain a wonderful experience in the Nepalese Himalayas is Island Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek. Our unique journey, the Island Peak Expedition, is physically demanding but leaves you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime.

The journey takes you on a single journey to both Island Peak and the iconic Everest Base Camp. Adventurers who want to commit to both the trekking and climbing experiences at once might consider the Everest Base Camp Trek with Island Peak Climbing.

Mera Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal provides you with a wilderness hike along with an unending mountaineering adventure, breathtaking views of the natural world, a picturesque landscape, snow-capped mountains, an alpine environment, high hills, flora and fauna, colorful Rhododendron and pine forest, glaciers, moraine, beautiful Sherpa’s settlements with their simple way of life, culture, and traditions, and more.

The most popular peak climbing in the Everest region is Mera Peak Climbing. The highest trekking mountain in Nepal is formally recognized as the Mera Peak (6,461 m/21,190 ft.). A terrific expedition that combines climbing and walking at the same time is the Mera Peak Climbing.

A true sense of the Himalayas is offered by the Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal, which offers breath-taking vistas of the world’s highest peaks, including Mt. Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu, as well as Mt. Kanchenjunga in the far east. The Hongu and Hinku valleys of the Khumbu region can be reached by taking the incredible Mera Peak Expedition.

Highlights of Mera Peak Climbing:

  • Climb Nepal’s highest “trekking peak,” which is 6,661 meters (21,854 feet) above sea level.
  • From Mera Peak’s summit, you can see the highest mountains in the world in a 360-degree panorama.
  • Amazing climbing and trekking excursion in the Everest region.
  • Beautiful Sherpa settlements with their traditional, agrarian way of life
  • Wilderness hike through uninhabited, far-off valleys and vibrant rhododendron woods
  • Combined teahouses and camping expeditions for a lifelong memory

EBC Chola Gokyo Lake Trekking

The EBC Chola Gokyo Lake Trekking is one of the thrilling trekking destinations in Nepal that includes extra activities. Trekkers will travel off-the-beaten-path while taking in the beauty of pristine lakes and breathtaking mountain ranges. This trek to EBC Chola Gokyo Lake departs from the popular routes in the Everest Base Camp zone. You will travel via the breathtaking Chola pass on this tour. Trekkers that enjoy adventure will find this journey to be much more appealing because of the difficult path.

Trekking in Nepal can be done at any time of year. Notably, Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) are the ideal times to trek in Nepal. Your understanding of different climates, weather patterns, and climbing tools & gears will be useful on the challenging treks in Nepal.

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