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Amazon Ad Types: A Complete Guide for Marketers

To reach your sales goals on any platform, it is important to stay up-to-date. This guide will help you win with different Amazon Ad Types.

No matter if you are an Amazon seller with a lot of experience or a newbie, it is important to stay up-to-date with Amazon Ads in order to reach your big sales goals.

3 Main Amazon Ad Types

Ecommerce marketers flock to Amazon Prime to sell their products to consumers. With more users comes more competition.

Amazon Ads are the solution. Amazon’s advertising strategy is complex, admittingly.

They can be a great way to get your business noticed. The type of ad that you need will depend on the product you are selling and the goals you have for your business.

There are three types of Amazon ad:

These three types of ads are Pay-per-click advertising. This means that every time a customer clicks your ad they pay a small amount.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Because it is quick and easy to promote a single product, sponsored products are one of the most popular Amazon ad types.

Sponsored Products is available to anyone whose products are within the allowed categories. You don’t need any previous advertising experience.

Why use sponsored products

You only need to promote one product. This means you don’t need to write, copy or create graphics for large advertising campaigns. The ad is the image you have already created for your listing.

These ads are right on the first page search results pages, where shoppers will be most likely to notice them. 

These are the results of this type of ad. Amazon claims that within one year of launching a campaign, advertisers saw an average weekly +54% increase in glance views and a weekly +40% increase in units purchased.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored brands are the second most popular type of Amazon ad. These banner ads are located at the top of Amazon’s search results page.

Amazon Brand Registry sellers, book vendors, agencies and vendors can get sponsored brands.

You can be sure that your brand is protected by limiting the audience that this type of advertisement is made available. Only accurate listings will be published.

Why Use Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brand ads are often the first thing that a customer sees when they search for products. They are a great way of building brand awareness and connecting shoppers to your products.

By setting your budget, and choosing the amount to bid per click, you can control how much your ads spend. Only customers who click on your ads pay you a fee.

The ad is more focused on your brand and includes a link to take the customer to your Amazon Store or a custom landing page.

The customer can browse only your products here. This page is completely yours and you can choose what products are featured.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

These Ads are  formerly Know as  Amazon Product Display Ads is a unique product that allows you to show your ad only to customers who have previously viewed or used similar products or searched for keywords related to your product.

Sponsored display ads are an advertising option that can help you reach the right audience on and off Amazon. 

This Amazon ads type is exclusive to Amazon Brand Registry vendors and agencies that sell Amazon products.

Advantages of Using Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

These Ads offer more exclusivity than other Amazon ads types. This means that there is less competition for your business.

 Your ad may be featured on Amazon’s home page, shopping results pages, Twitch, and third-party apps.

These Ads can be cost-controlled using retail-aware cost per click ads. You can easily manage your ad spend, just as with other types of ads by setting your budget or bid per click.

Amazon’s self-service campaign creation makes it easy to create a successful ad. Amazon’s auto-generated creatives can be used if you don’t want to have any involvement in the creative process.

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