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All You Should Know About Magento Development

According to a statistic of 2017, e-commerce sales have reached $2.3 trillion globally. Also, it shows this number will increase in the forthcoming years. At the same time, it points to both consumers and businesses having started interactions online. This is where Magento Development is very important in the business.

What is an online marketplace?

As in general, an online marketplace or an e-marketplace implies a website or app which acts as an intermediary between customers and companies or individuals. By collaborating with online marketplace development company you can sell products or services in the B2B and B2C sectors.

One thing is that the marketplace owners don’t offer any products or services themselves. All they want to do is offer a platform where marketplace participants cooperate. Want to know the benefits of using an online marketplace check here. 

Helps to improve new partnerships

For sure, it will offer huge opportunities either within their supply chain or through supply chains. Moreover, it will help both sellers and buyers to enhance new trading relationships. Along with that, when compared with an individual eCommerce website, the marketplace will give better profit. All because various sellers and buyers from different categories will interact on one platform. 

Offer better transparency

Be it any functionality such as availability, rates, and stock levels are in an open environment. Thus undoubtedly, e-marketplaces offer better transparency in the buying process.

Work all the time

There are no restrictions and concerns to work on any hours. It is accessible round-the-clock, so none want to wait for the shop to open. In short, it is convenient for both sellers and buyers. Moreover, by integrating with online marketplace development company you can obtain automatic product information. So be it anything will get standardized catalog and stock details. 

Shopware 6 migration

As in general, Shopware 6 has reduced the complexity of eCommerce projects. In short, it has decreased the development problems in two ways such as resolved by Shopware inbuilt features and easy set of configurators, and the remainder. 

At the same time, if you prefer Shopware 6 migration services you can easily find a solution for your business. Hence, you will get enormous benefits without any doubt.

One thing about Shopware is that it will offer unparalleled benefits. Plus, it is a community-based one. So, you are all set to reduce the spending on expensive advertising campaigns because it will focus on spreading the good news and raising awareness. Thus, Shopware 6 has triggered this approach. At the same time, developers who use Shopware have practical knowledge and technical capacity. 

Thus, you never feel hard to hire one along with that this open-source solution will help the online merchant improve and grow their business. Plus, the Shopware core framework is based on Vue.js and Symfony. Therefore, if you choose to hire Shopware 6 migration services developers feel easy. All because 600,000 coders are already using Vue.js and Symfony languages. 

Most importantly, Shopware’s internal system for feedback is the best feature that will support and guide. So, no professionals find it hard to use it. Therefore, it is worth investing in and choosing Shopware 6. 

All about Magento 2 migration

There are 195,425 Magento development online platforms available in which 87,012 sites alone have completed their Magento 2 migration. The remaining 108,413 online sites still using the Magento eCommerce platform will surely face many issues. 

At present, the number of web skimming Magecart attacks will increase the risk of website hacking including stealing customers’ payment details. That’s why most of the leading eCommerce businesses migrated Magento 2. However, those who still find it hard to upgrade to Magento 2 have to look at the following points. 

Why do you want to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Get better end support

The first and foremost reason why you want to migrate Magento 2 is that the platform agents have officially proclaimed that they will stop supporting Magento 1 by June 2020. At the same time, the platform no longer offers updates for plug-ins and modules. 

Of course, the migration process is a difficult and long project. So, if you choose to migrate, then you must plan first. If you have no idea, you should use Magento development services for easy and effective migration. 

Offer superb customer experience 

No matter what, online shoppers want to have a quick and short checkout process. That’s why Magento 2 is available with an instant purchases feature. It will offer an optimized checkout process. At the same time, it will offer an instant purchases button that will redirect customers to the confirmation page. 

So, the customers can easily place the order they want. By this, your potential customers can skip the long account registration procedure. Along with that, the integrated payment gateways will save previous credit card information for the checkout. So your customers can stop wasting time while checking out. 

It will enhance web pages for faster delivery. At the same time, the enhanced server response times boost your sales. As an owner of the online store, you can easily access the database. 


Enhanced mobile shopping 

Undoubtedly, nearly 40% of online orders have been placed using mobile devices. To offer the same shopping experience to the customers, you are required to have the optimal mobile shopping. So then the shoppers will place orders using mobile. Therefore, if you look at Magento 1, you ought to include plugins; alternatively, Magento development services templates are responsive by default.

As mentioned before, the page loading speed also gets increased up to 50%. Along with that, if you migrate to Magento 2, your onsite search and mobile-friendly checkout will get enhanced. That’s enough for mobile device users to do shopping quickly. 


No matter what attractive design is, it means a lot for online stores, increasing sales. At the same time, your customers will easily decide on the purchase. As with Magento 1, the checkout process does not take much time and all. Plus, your site can’t get a responsive design. 

Thus customers will get disappointed for sure. It will cut off your sales. That’s why Magento 2 with guest checkout available with massive templates, responsive to screens for any devices by default.


Regardless of the businesses you run, you can find a better solution in the online marketplace, so undoubtedly, your sales will increase. 

Author Bio:

A creative and passionate mobile application enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in providing IT solutions across various industries. Nitesh Behani is the Co-Founder of Magneto IT Solutions, a full service of Mobile App, Node JS development services , Magento development, online marketplace development company in USA, India, and Bahrain. He has experience of delivering more than 100 projects ranging from Custom Ecommerce website development technologies to mobile application technology.

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