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What is Automated Trading?

Automated trading is operating the trade without using human help. In trading, traders buy or sell the securities, and traders have the option of doing this manually or with automated trading. An automated trader is a software that works on the commands of the trader or investor that are predetermined. 

Automated trading uses electronic exchanges to place orders with programmed software. Thus, automated trading is software that works to ease the process of trading and help investors and traders to have a smooth trade experience. The computers automatically place the order and have a high trade volume. 

For automated trading, investors or traders have to set a strategy or plan that helps the software execute the trade order or through the trade signals. Thus, traders have more free time to focus on the trade than on the execution of the trade. As a result, the trade is simplified, and a significant number of traders of the financial markets use automated trading rather than doing it manually. 

AI Forex Trading Bot

AI forex trading bot is an expert advisor used in forex market trading. Traders use automated trading software to have a successful trade. The market has various kinds of software robots that help in trade. AI forex trading bot is one of the most used expert advisors of the forex market. A long term supporting automated trading software, AI offers traders a smooth execution of the order as per the predetermined norms of the traders. 

AI forex trading bot works on the price action and the wave theory. The traders use the AI forex trading bot as a profitable strategy. A trader who wants to use it for price action or for the wave theory, can use it as a combination or individually as per their choice. The trading bot is available in the trading platforms provided by brokers such as PrimeFin, Capixal and TradeATF etc. Read our PrimeFin Review

MetaTrader4 is the most user-friendly and frequently used trading platform that provides access to the AI forex trading bot. It has a perfect default setting that suits the trade and has a file .ex4. 

The forex currency pairs work best with the automated trading robot, and all the USD currencies could be traded on this bot. There are several forex brokers available online to use the AI forex trading bots as most of the brokers provide a MetaTrader4 trading platform. It has low drawdown and could be tested before use. 

How to use an AI Forex Trading Bot?

For trading with the AI Forex trading bot, traders have to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. The first and essential step is to register and open a trading account with a low spread broker; as stated above, Capixal and TradeATF are good online forex brokers. 
  2. The second step is to download the Expert Advisor (EA) file from the trading platform, MetaTrader4, for use. It is quite easy to download the file. 
  3. The third step is to install the file on the MetaTrader4 trading platform for use and order execution. 
  4. For a safe trade, in their fourth step, they should first use the AI forex trading bot, the expert advisor on a demo account. This will help them practice its use and form strategies in advance. 
  5. The last step is to use the expert advisor to make profits and take advantage of the forex market opportunities. However, traders should be careful with the uncertainties of the trade. 

How does Automated Trading work?

Automated trading works on predetermined orders and algorithms that help them place a trade without human guidance. AI forex trading bot is one example of automated trading software. The trade does not rely on humans for their decisions and analysis of the market trade. Instead, the automated trading software, AI forex, follows the rules that are set in advance. These are designed as per the financial market trading and their instruments. 

The rules of the AI, forex trading bot, are as per the technical analysis indicators and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis includes moving averages, relative strength index and oscillators etc., and fundamental analysis includes news and economic data etc. It works when certain criteria sets are met, and then execution of the order takes place. 

Human need is eliminated with the buying and selling carried out by the automated trading system. However, traders should rely completely on the automated trading software AI forex and should check their orders at the beginning and end of the day. 

Benefits of AI Forex trading bot

The automated trading robot has several benefits for the traders: 

Emotions controlled

The first and necessary benefit of the trading bot is its emotional control. Humans are not able to make decisions keeping aside their emotions of excitement, fear, happiness or anger etc. AI forex minimises emotional control and trades rationally. Thus, it helps make money with calculated decisions on trade and has potential profits. 


Every trader wants to know their future aspects of the trade with the use of automated trading. So, traders use the backtesting technique to know whether the automated strategy like AI forex trading bot will work or not in the future. This is based on the historical data available online in the market. All the traders are examined over the specific time period for the backtesting reports. 

After all this process, traders can decide on using the automated trading system. 


The necessity for a trade to be successful is by maintaining discipline. Traders can use the AI forex trading bot to minimise the emotional impact over the trade and have a disciplined trade. It does not get hyper when the market is going against the trade and keeps calm. It uses the rules and strategies to minimise the loss.

Diversify Trading

The automated trading system helps traders diversify their investments with multiple investments. Thus, creating a good portfolio with the diversification of the trade. Moreover, it is a stable form of return from investments. Traders thus save time and can trade without monitoring the investments with the automated trading system. 


Automated trading is the software that simplifies the trade with its disciplined and diversified trade. AI forex trading bot is a valuable tool for forex market traders; it helps them have a good and feasible trade. Traders can backtest it, control the emotions and save time for other key areas of the market. A trader will be highly satisfied with the use of such software that minimises the risks and helps enhance the trade. 

However, traders should keep checking the trade executions and working of the automated trading system at certain intervals. Traders can not completely rely on the software and should use their brains as well for the potential gains from the investments. 

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