Aged Care Courses: Most Emerging Courses In Australia

A recent report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare suggests that there has been a steady increase in the percentage of older Australians since 1967. The number, which was 9% in 1927, had become 15% in the next ninety years. According to other reports, this percentage is expected to reach 22.9% in the next three decades. It means you will have a bright future as an aged care worker. So, if you have already decided, not a minute should be wasted. Start searching for aged care courses in Adelaide today.

In this write-up, you can get a perfect guide on building your career as a recognised aged care worker.

Grow Your Career With Aged Care Courses

Like other professions, getting a joAged Care Courses: Most Emerging Courses In Australiab in the aged care sector will also require proper education and training. There are a number of colleges in Perth that offer training courses for Australian students who are self-motivated to study aged care.

Whether you are completing high school or wanting to change your career path, or advancing in the industry, you can enrol in any aged care course. These courses involve theoretical learning, hands-on training, and placement experience, which will adequately equip you to become an eligible aged care worker. There are two courses offered in this subject, which are discussed here in detail.

Certificate III in Individual Support

Your first step to the world of aged care can start with the Certificate 3 in Aged Care Adelaide college. The key features listed here can give you a clearer idea.

    • You can gain essential theoretical knowledge about mental health, different medical conditions, and legal caring duties.
    • While doing this course, you can actively participate in classwork, workshops, and training exercises. In the workshops, you can apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical training lessons and use mobility equipment for practice.
    • You will need to attend and complete 120 to 150 hours of placement training. It will let you apply your theoretical knowledge in a real-world work environment.
    • Top-rated colleges have strong connections with reputed aged care facilities in Australia, and therefore, finding a suitable placement will be easier for you.
    • Different employment opportunities that can be found include home care workers, community support workers, or personal care assistants.

Certificate IV in Aging Support

Once your studies are finished with Certificate III in Individual Support, So you can either choose to do a job or enrol in certificate IV in aged care. If you are wondering what benefits this course can offer, have a look at its key features.

    • You have already gained the basic learning required to work in aged care. Now you can learn more advanced skills in this course. More advanced knowledge will help you understand better how you can maintain the wellbeing and independence of an elderly individual.
    • You can also enrol in this course after gaining several years of professional experience. In that case, this course will enable you to find better job positions.
    • Here also you have to complete 120 hours of professional placement training.
    • Job opportunities mainly include supervisory or specialised care positions.

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Why should you study aged care?

However, looking at the statistics we have mentioned in the beginning, you can understand how secure the job can be in the future. However, if you still may not be convinced, go through the following numbers.

    1. In 2016, the number of available job positions was 400% more than the number of applicants. 
    2. The Australian Health Department believes that to meet the demand, a massive number of job positions in the aged care sector will be required by 2050, and the number is estimated to be as high as 614000. 
    3. There is a wide range of positions available in the aged care sector that may witness a notable increase in demand.
    • Residential care facility managers
    • Private home carers
    • Registered nurses
    • Domestic staff
    • Aged care chef
    • Case managers

Whether you choose a position that involves direct communication with older people or an administrative one, very few professions can be as gratifying as this.

Are You Eligible As An Aged Care Worker?

For any career, it is always important to enjoy what you do. Therefore, it is crucial to know the responsibilities you have to perform before you choose something and see whether you are suitable to meet those demands.

For working in the aged care industry, you should ask a few questions yourself.

    • Are you a naturally kind and empathetic person?
    • Do you give more importance to other people’s needs than your own?
    • Are you, by nature, a responsible person?
    • Are you calm and patient to handle a challenging situation?
    • Do you have good communication skills?

In addition, you should also check whether you can feel comfortable in an environment that can sometimes give rise to enormous pressure. In an aged care facility, every day will not be the same.

Therefore, if you love facing challenges and the frequently changing landscape that prevails in an aged care centre, this career option is perfect for you.

Where Can You Find Aged Care Training In Perth?

By far, you have gained knowledge about all the benefits and requirements of doing an aged care course in Adelaide. Now, it is time to think about where you should enrol. Several educational institutions offer both courses and will be the perfect place to kick-start the career. Here are two important points to keep in mind.

    • While choosing the college, it will be a good idea to choose the best one. The better the rating, the better the placement opportunities will be.
    • Most of these institutions are mid-sized, and therefore you can receive more individualised attention from your tutors.

For detailed information like course structure, fees, or how to get a discount, you can visit the institute websites or ask any registered Australian education consultant. Institutes have well-equipped consultation teams, whom you can contact anytime for queries.

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