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Up until a few years ago, ikat was mostly employed as a saree or a dupatta. but no more! Since it began to be employed as an interior design element, the gorgeous fabric, particularly green Ikat Fabric, has grown a sizable fan base. We show you how to quietly incorporate ikat into your modest home to give it a rich, ethnic appeal while also introducing a stylish, sophisticated atmosphere! People often purchase wholesale fabric to adorn their homes, but doing so might push up the cost. As a result, you should be extremely selective when selecting your fabric distributor as it defines quality and elegance.

Lamp and green ikat

The best way to use green ikat is through the lamp cover. You can go for cotton and silk ikat fabric to make your lamp funky. You can colour the lamp stand funky and bright to make it attractive and cool. Remember to keep the shade different for the lamp body and lamp cover. If you are going for a green ikat, colour the body of the lamp dark. A table lamp of no use looks beautiful and classy with green ikat fabric. Further, used lamps can also have green ikat to spread energy, freshness around you in your life. 

Lighten up the bedroom

The room would benefit from having an upholstered ikat headboard to add colour and improve the aesthetics. You may coordinate the headboard’s ikat print with the wall, as shown in the image, or the opposite. It is advisable to hire a reputable upholster to do quality work! If you do not want to add a large part of green ikat as it over brightens up the room then include a small part of it through bed and quilt. 

Traditional way 

Instead of using a standard coaster, build a set of trivets as I did! It’s not that difficult. Choose an ikat fabric of your liking and have it professionally framed at a nearby frame shop. Voila! Your trivet will be prepared to be displayed on a cabinet, side table, or perhaps your lovely console. Green-colored trivets would brighten and enhance the room.

Robe art

Even though this is meant to be clothing, you may wear it or use it as house décor. You are entirely in charge. The fact that you can make this design at home is its finest feature. Simply purchase green ikat cloth or ask a tailor to make it for you. Purchase a gold or silver frame for it to add a touch of royalty. Hang it in the centre of your living room, surrounded by little works of art in brightly coloured small frames, to create a one-of-a-kind gallery wall!


More with the wall art

You can also create wall art with green ikat cloth by following a few easy steps. You may purchase ikat cloth with various patterns and frame them all together. In fact, this would cover the complete wall and raise the worth of the entire space. This is another piece of affordable art for green ikat cloth. Additionally, you may mix and match it with the colour and paint of the walls. If you want to add some twist and difference in your wall art without making it much about fabric then you can do. You need some frames and pictures to paste on the wall and prepare their frame with green ikat. You can use a collage of family members to decorate your wall. Green shade around images creates a sense of freshness and exclusiveness. You can use it for the office too to create a wall of photos of employees or achievements. 

Bathroom decor

Make your bathroom seem better by adding vibrant green ikat wallpaper. On a more positive note, you may also decorate several bathroom walls with contrasting ikat wallpaper. Your favourite spot in the whole home will be ready after you add trendy bathroom items and fresh flowers. You can also place a pouch of green ikat fabric in the bathroom to keep the stuff and accessories. Further, green colour and ikat’s glory would make you feel more alive and energetic for the day. 

Bedding and origami birds 

It’s been said that it takes two to tango. Consider combining an ikat bedcover with coordinating or contrasting pillowcases, origami birds, and a wooden table. They will work well together! If not, pair an all-black bedcover with ikat pillowcases in a strikingly contrasting or neon green colour. It’ll work like magic!

Do not forget sofa covers 

The ideal statement couch, indeed! An ikat couch can liven up even the most classic or modern space since it is a go-to worldwide fabric. With simple, complementary pillows, adorn your Bridgewater or Lawson-style couch in ikat silk. Or make your home seem more opulent by covering your chaise couch with a thick ikat fabric in a rich colour scheme. It is up to you, how would you decorate the green ikat. You can make a combination of different shades with green ikat or you can place the entire fabric in the ikat. 

Classy dining 

Invest in some eye-catching ikat dinnerware. Choose from the picture-perfect dinner plates, platters, or cosy soup bowls. Create a stunning fashion statement by laying out your best ikat pieces on a tablecloth of a solid colour. You can create a dining table runner out of green ikat fabric to match with the design and patterns of plates. 


Without any doubt, you can say that green ikat fabric is elegant and fabulous. From routine dresses to party wear dresses, you can make anything out of it. But for home decor, it is something else as it can lighten up the entire room with its presence. So, with the above mentioned ideas, you can use green ikat fabric to decorate your home. And if you are looking for a Fabric Distributor for buying fabric then checkout the fabriclore. Here, you can get wholesale fabric as well as retail material. You can also choose to customise your fabrics as per your preference. 

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