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ACL Injury in Female Athletes


Stopping anterior knee (ACL) pain in younger female athletes depends on understanding the major causes that location females at the chance for an amount of acute and chronic knee accidental injuries. Know more.

Evidence is now displaying that anatomical and hormonal distinctions in females are usually the particular primary causes putting females at danger for knee accidents.

ACL injury women athletes while girls and young women have gained important ground in options for participating plus competing in sports, the increase inside the numbers of young women competing in sports, in addition, has uncovered an alarming boost in the price of both serious injuries and chronic anterior knee pain. Unfortunately, the amount of knee accidents in girls provides statistically risen much above those seen in their male friends (Green, J., 2010).

While researchers are usually continuing to examine the possible will cause which could correlate to an increased chance of injury inside young women, a number of factors specific to women anatomy and development have risen to be able to the most notable of typically the list.

As these aspects are better recognized, researchers may then build specific programs to be able to help reduce typically the risk of accidental injuries.

Female Hip in addition to Knee Anatomy-Acl

Although some young girls usually are experiencing pain inside their knees, typically the root of some of the problems may really originate in the particular pelvis/hip structure. Even more and more sporting activities medicine professionals usually are now focusing on the particular pelvis/hip together implies reducing typically the incidence of knees pain.

According to the authors regarding Women’s Fitness and Health Guideline (2006), a women pelvis has a number of distinctions as compared to your pelvis for the purpose of accommodating having a baby.

The dissimilarities consist of a pelvis cavity that is shallower, wider, and even more circular causing stylish joints which can be smaller and more forward-facing along with an increase in anterior pelvic tilt (forward tilt of the top of the pelvis).


Typically the forward tilt of the pelvis along with the, even more, forward-facing hip shared can predispose women athletes towards the particular femur being placed with more of an inward angle in addition to the internal rotation when compared with the average men.

It really is this improved angle of the particular femur as compared to the vertical keeping of the tibia that may be a new source of long-term anterior knee soreness.

If the key, hip, and upper leg muscles are not necessarily strong enough to compensate for the elevated angle of typically the femur for the shin, the female athlete may be from the upper chances regarding patellofemoral syndrome (chronic anterior knee pain).

While anatomical constructions are one portion of the formula, the issues do not stop there. Put to the physiological equation the dissimilarities in development (skeletal muscle, bone, in addition to distinctions in hormones) and another can know why there is such an increase inside knee injuries inside young ladies.

Female Growth

Ahead of puberty, both males and women have approximately typically the same rate associated with knee injuries. Nevertheless, along with life, the statistics alter significantly. So just what happens in females during and after puberty that may enhance their risk regarding knee injuries?

Since males go via puberty, their musculoskeletal systems change considerably with both an increase in the height and density of their particular skeletal system along with a corresponding increased muscle mass plus strength. The remarkable embrace muscle mass and strength noticed in males will be directly related in order to the hormone androgenic hormone or testosterone.


Testosterone is the key component inside keeping knees healthy and balanced in young males because as their particular skeletal systems increase in size, there is an increased strength correlation noticed in there has muscle physique system.

The rise seen in their muscle tissue strength and dimensions is proportional to the changes seen inside their skeletal method.

In other phrases, as young males’ skeletal system grows, their muscles’ durability and size build with a pace in order to keep up together with their increased bulk and skeletal development.

Like the muscle groups of the quadriceps and hamstring increased size and power in correlation for the growth of typically the femur.


However, despite the fact that females do possess a smaller level of the hormone testosterone inside their bodies, the total amount is not considerable enough to possess an effect on the scale and durability of their muscles.

So as the females’ skeletal system changes in height in addition to density, their matching muscles do not necessarily increase in strength and mass at typically the same rate as a male’s muscles might.

Another factor is the fact while young guys usually gain slim muscle mass and lose body excess fat during puberty as a consequence of the hormone androgenic hormone or testosterone, girls will not really only not acquire lean muscle bulk at a similar proportion as boys, nevertheless, the girls will also gain physique fat increasing their own total body size.

Moving through life for young women can drastically enhance their body mass without a related increase in lean muscle mass to successfully move and strengthen their bodies in addition to joints. This might be the important factor affecting typically the knee injury price in young women.


Any weakness in the hip in addition to thigh muscles may correspond to issues in the knees including anterior knees pain or patellofemoral syndrome as properly as the large incidence of anterior cruciate ligament holes.

Understanding these details is crucial to learning how to efficiently prevent many leg injuries in women athletes. All mentors working together with young woman athletes need to be able to incorporate resistance training with regard to the core muscle tissue, hip and pelvis, and thigh groups of muscles.

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