A Transformed Approach Towards Women Workwear!

Women are working side by side with men successfully. They are climbing the steps of the ladder simultaneously with men in office or business. It does not matter much if it’s a business or an official meeting, the workload remains the same for both. However, the get-up changes for both men and women when they are in their work genre. 

Definition of Women Formal Wear

Most people find it difficult to define the dress code for women in the office or on a business tour. However, there is a preset notion on the minds of the people regarding the workwear of women. Either woman would be wearing some Indian ethnic wear in-office meetings, or else some pants with full sleeve shirts. However, the concept of women’s workwear is slowly transforming. Workwear for women is now shifting from plain shirts and pants to that of more bold preferences. Nowadays, women are preferring an elegant yet formal look for their office look. It is more than mere full sleeve tops and trousers but more of style amalgamated with tradition.

The New Face of Women Work Wear

The collar is the New Trend– Wearing a top or a shirt with formal trousers can bring in the face of new work life. However, the uniqueness of the recent and trendy women’s workwear now lies with the collar for women. You might have weird thoughts about collar for women .

What is a Collared Top?

A collared top is a perfect blend of formal wear with a fashionable twist. It is the collar around the upper neckline followed by the usual top cut. The collar neck can form a team with some trendy A-line tops.

Collar with Bell Sleeves

Some of the tops with bell sleeves may have collar necks in them. They form trendy formal workwear for women with an informal touch to it. The presence of a collar can do the formal talking on behalf of you.

Collar with Box Pleats

Box-pleated shirts and tops are recently transforming the face of Indian women’s wear. There may be some solid color pleated tops with the presence of collars in them. It helps to give a formal punch to the existing dress type.

Fawn Sleeve with Collars

Collars can also form an unusual combination of the fawn sleeve with collars in them. The presence of collars around the neckline of the fawn sleeve top will carry some extra weightage in your professional genre. It is a dress that a woman can wear any time and for any official purposes without getting completely traditional. Usually, a fawn sleeve top has a wide role to play in your office meeting when you flaunt it with a collar around your top neck.

Two-in One Purpose

A white-collar for women has an association with traditional formal wear for both men and women. While men have developed trends of carrying collars in their formals, women are also not behind. Having a white-collar in your top gives it a more professional touch.

 A white-collar around the neckline of your favorite top may complete your formal look. However, it will also give you a chance for a stylish approach to your business meetings.


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