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A Guide to Understanding How is Sweet Centre Rated?

Sweet Centre is a popular Kashmiri eatery that has a wonderful mix of old-world British style and modern, hip, happening street culture. Brilliant, colourful, family-run diner serving traditional Kashmiri cuisine since 1963, and regular breakfast on weekends. Located off Bradford, Sweet Centre is popular with locals as well as tourists. The decorator-style interior, opulent dining and friendly service create an atmosphere that invites you to come back for more. It’s worth a visit.

The food is outstanding

I’ve never eaten anywhere with better quality food. From the moment I stepped in the restaurant, the food just didn’t seem to match up to the hype. The portions were large, yet surprisingly affordable. The various dishes had an interesting taste combined with great spices and crunchy greens. The prices are reasonable and well suited for a budgeted evening.

On a hot summer day, the place was crowded. However, we were served promptly and the waitpersons did not make us feel rushed. The food takes a little time to prepare but is delicious. My son adored the chicken Kebab.

Lamb Kebab

My husband was impressed with the lamb kebab. The meat was tender, flavoured and tasty. The restaurant also serves a wonderful lunch buffet. We got all the vegetarian stuff as well as a selection of Middle Eastern fare. I cannot recommend this place highly enough!

Prices Are Affordable

As with most restaurants in Bradford, the staff was very helpful and polite. My waitress was on time and did a good job of taking care of my requests. The prices are affordable and fit into any pocket. This is one place I will definitely go back to. The name speaks for itself. Everyone that tries this restaurant is definitely going to have a satisfied feeling.

While dining here, my attention was caught by the beautifully decorated booths. These booths have fantastic artwork and are very appealing to the eye. The atmosphere was very quiet and serene. The restaurant does serve local cuisine only. However, it was worth trying some of the international dishes served here. It is one of those places you must visit if you are in Bradford.

Rate the Ambience

If I had to rate the ambience, then I would have to give it four stars. The restaurant is very modern and has a very pleasant aura about it. The counter staff was very attentive and polite. They also took care of our requests properly.

Sweet Centre

Excellent Service And Delicious Food

Overall, I give the eatery four stars for the excellent service and the delicious food. I would come back again. I have enjoyed my meals here so much that I have made plans to go during off-peak hours. The sweet shops are open until late and they are popular among locals and tourists alike. So, when you’re on your trip to Bradford, keep this mind – ‘How is Sweet Centre Rated?’

Local Patrons

As far as nightlife is concerned, there are numerous pubs and bars serving the finest cocktails in town. The bars and clubs here have mostly local patrons. However, there are some upscale bars in the vicinity. In fact, most of the restaurants in Bradford serve continental food, such as kebabs, whereas many of the roadside eateries have exclusive South Indian food.


In general, Bradford is a very healthy place to live in. The overall health rating is high due to improved healthcare facilities. The capital city of Bradford offers a wide range of hospitals, including the Allopathy institute. You can also check out the Memorial Hospital which treats patients who have suffered from traumatic injuries. So, when you hear about How is Sweet Centre Rated?

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