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Health and Fitness

A Guide to Some of The Most Useful Healthcare Qualifications

Good healthcare provision is one of the tell-tale signs of a functioning society. Within healthcare, there are many different fields and specialties – usually with a corresponding degree. In the article below, there is a guide to some of the most useful healthcare qualifications.


Nurses are the backbone of every major healthcare organization. They operate on the front lines – caring for patients directly and administering medical treatment. In recent years, nurses have been ‘upskilled’. In many parts of the world, they are now expected to have complex medical knowledge and problem-solving skills that far outstrip the expected roles of nurses belonging to previous generations. Nursing degrees have evolved alongside the practice of nursing. These degrees now include lengthy modules on anatomy, holistic care, clinical practice, and a whole host of other areas of knowledge and skill. Nurses are frequently considered to be the most trusted professionals according to polls carried out in the United States and the United Kingdom. In Gallup polls, nurses have been voted the most honest professionals for 20 years in a row!

Nursing Administration

Senior nurses may reenter training by taking a postgraduate degree in nursing administration. These degrees prepare nurses for the managerial and administrative tasks demanded of experienced practitioners. Due to the sheer importance of nursing in healthcare organizations, good nursing administration is essential.

Nursing administrators need to:

Hire, Promote, and Fire Nurses

Administrators are responsible for the maintenance of a talented, motivated workforce.

Address Patient Complaints

Administrators seek to use information from patient complaints to make positive structural changes.

Assign Specialists

Administrators control the application of specialist nurses in order to effectively provide good care.

Structure Schedules

Dealing with the complex scheduling of a 24-hour nursing team is the responsibility of a nursing administrator.

Doctorate In Medicine

Doctors in medicine are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses and ailments. The specializations within this field are too many to list. General Practitioners typically train to treat the widest possible variety of patients. They can work in hospitals, in communities, or in surgeries.

Integrative Physiology

Integrative physiology is a macrobiological field of study. It looks at how all of the mechanical processes present in the body work together in order to better understand clinical issues. From the very smallest intracellular processes to the broadest medical mechanisms, integrative physiology looks at the big picture when it comes to healthcare. Medical professionals taking a course in integrative physiology need to be prepared to move away from clinical settings and enter into the world of medical research. Courses in the field suit professionals who have had experience in neuroscience or biochemistry. The work undertaken by integrative physiologists is immensely important in the development of new cures and medical protocols.

Master Of Health Administration

Doctors and clinical managers looking to enter into the structural administration of a health care organization can take a Master of Health Administration online course while they work. Healthcare administrators – like the nursing administrators discussed before in this article – are responsible for the overall effectiveness and responsiveness of an organization. They are also responsible for the ongoing financial growth of a healthcare organization. A great many specialist managerial skills need to be picked up in order to have any success as a healthcare administrator. Clinical knowledge has to be combined with shrewd business and interpersonal management acumen. Once qualified, a healthcare administrator can usually command quite a high salary – especially in the United States and Canada.


Psychologists study the human mind and its functions. They are instrumental in the creation of protocols for the treatment of mental health problems. In many countries, a new emphasis on the solving of deep-rooted society-wide mental health degradation has led to an increased number of psychologists being needed. Psychologists work in conjunction with psychiatrists, counselors, and mental health nurses to develop new and effective ways to treat patients displaying complicated symptoms. They also work with neuroscientists – researchers that specialize in the study of the brain. Psychology degrees are quite different from most other medical qualifications. Students need to learn how to research using a combination of case studies and neuroscientific data.

Public Health

A postgraduate degree in public health can prepare a medical professional for a career in the provision of society-wide health information and pandemic response. The discipline of public health was first conceived during the 1918 influenza epidemic – when health education proved to be one of the most effective ways of ending the crisis. Some 50 million people died during the outbreak, and responses to it changed medical practice forever. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, interest in public health has once again blossomed, and governments are once again investing huge amounts of money in the provision of structural public health initiatives.

Medical professionals taking a public health postgraduate degree will be expected to conduct research on the societal impact of healthcare provision and the ways in which public health initiatives can be delivered to the widest possible group of people. The fields of biostatistics and epidemiology are especially important in public health research and delivery. A great deal of work is currently being undertaken with the aim of understanding some of the lessons that can be learned from the way the world has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, public health professionals will be able to make the next pandemic far less deadly and painful.

Medical Informatics

Medical informatics – sometimes referred to as clinical informatics – is a field dedicated to the development of efficient systems of data analysis and use for the purpose of improving healthcare provision and organizational cohesion. A medical informatics degree is usually taken as a postgraduate course following on from either medical science or computer science training. It typically contains modules related to the collection and codification of big data, project management, data curation, and change management.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are increasingly reliant on the efficient use of data. They use data to better deal with patient flow, to establish patterns of staffing, to help with diagnosis, and to assign resources efficiently. Medical informatics is a field at the forefront of big changes within healthcare provision as a whole.


Dentistry degrees prepare medical professionals for work in dental hygiene, surgery, and product development. Dentistry is an immensely important field, and qualified professionals are extremely well paid for their work. Every nation has a different examination standard for qualifying dentists. In Canada, the National Dental Examining Board is in charge of certifying people. Prospective dentists must take a four-year course and be willing to hone their study towards a specialization.

Specializations in Canadian dentistry include:

Dental Public Health

Specialists in this field study how public education and funding can influence the general dental health of the nation.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgeons perform operations on the teeth, jaws, and muscular apparatus of the inner mouth.

Pediatric Dentistry

These specialists know how to negotiate the unique challenges of working with young people.


Dental prosthetics have been around for a long time and are constantly being improved. The design, installation, and care for dental prosthetics fall into the wheelhouse of the prosthodontics specialist.

Oral Radiology

Oral radiologists are specialists in using X-Ray and scanning technology to determine the cause of dental issues.


Orthodontists are specialists that diagnose and treat malformed or out-of-place teeth using a variety of correctional methods. Most notably, they prescribe and install corrective braces that slowly bring teeth back into shape.

Doctor Of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists specialize in treating patients that have reduced mobility using exercise-based plans. In order to work as a physical therapist as part of a hospital or in a private practice, it is usually necessary to obtain a Doctorate in the subject. In the United States of America, a Doctorate in the field usually takes three to four years. There is an ongoing program of upskilling in the field – with the eventual aim being the provision of physical therapy by doctors in the next few years. At the current time, a great deal of physical therapy is administered by underqualified physiotherapists, with doctors in the field being overworked. This makes physical therapy a very promising field to study if you are concerned about possible job prospects.

The aim of physical therapy is to create plans that enable patients to use their own muscles to overcome immobilizing ailments and injuries. As well as developing and overseeing exercise plans, passive physical therapy may be utilized. Passive physical therapy methods include electrical stimulation, massage, and ultrasound devices.

Physical therapists are often the specialists called upon by hospitals to help teach patients how to correctly use mobility aids. If you have ever had to use crutches or a wheelchair, you will likely have had to speak to a physical therapist when you have learned how to use your new aids. Some physical therapists specialize in sports therapy, working with athletes or as part of teams to help sports competitors overcome injuries and maximize their performance.

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