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A Guide: How to Build an Errand Running Service App

Everyone needs a little help with their daily chores and activities. And, when they can’t do something by themselves, either because they’re too busy or simply because they don’t want to an errand running service comes as the greatest help. Without a doubt, on-demand service like this can be a relief to any common man out there!

Be it in terms of watching a movie at home, or even taking your classes online- this super connective era sweeps all this under the rug of an errand running service. And now, you can create an app for such a facility!

If you want to learn how to do that, scroll down below to find out!

11 Steps to Initiate Your Errand Running Service

Follow the eleven easy steps to wear the cap of an entrepreneur. Quick, take the stairway to develop your business app today!

Step I: Market Research

The first step is to learn what the people need. It could be a visit to the grocery store, picking up your food, or booking a taxi for a ride back home. To satisfy these needs, you have to introduce something new to the existing market- a new solution. And well, the only way to come up with a fitting answer is by conducting thorough market research and filling the gaps to your advantage.

Step II: Creating a Blueprint

Secondly, you need to sit down and start creating an outline for your app. You need to highlight all the details and prepare an all-inclusive plan that covers every aspect of your app. This step is crucial because, for the creation of your app, a developer needs your vision.

Later, the developer refines your vision in detail and refines it into a practice form. But before you create the blueprint or amid the process, ask yourself questions like what your mission, target audience and unique selling point are. More so, focus on your business and revenue model as well as what your preferred platform/s would be.

Step III: Wireframing

Thirdly, draw the digital outline for your app with wireframing using Adobe Xd, Miro, Justinmind, etc. It is these apps that help bring your raw work into a presentable version with all the honing done masterly. This way, you can efficiently allocate space and prioritize content for the purpose of maximum functionality and intended behaviors.

Step IV: Backend Defining

In the fourth step, you can start mapping out the backend of your app. By now, you should plan out the backend structures like APIs, Push Notifications, Data Diagrams, Data Integration Servers, and more.

Here you can test your wireframing too, so when you receive reluctance from the other side, you can alter your designs appropriately and get going.

Step V: Development of the Prototype

Now you must create a prototype of your design and gauge the visuals of the app. With light functionality and intentions of building a warm reception for your potential customers or investors, move ahead to the next step.

Step VI: Gathering Reviews and Improvising

After developing the prototype, show it around to the experts to collect feedback. As you receive unbiased criticism and praises, accept them with grace. In fact, take it in the right spirit and improve your app to make it easier to use and navigate.

Step VII: Developing the App

Subsequent to choosing the final design, here is the time for developers to begin their work. At this point, you have to make sure that you have the know-how of every aspect of your app, especially its pace, level of ease, and responsiveness.

Step VIII: Testing

It is time to test some real-life scenarios as you get done with the developing phase. At this stage, apply the final touch-ups and just ensure that your app is seamless. On confirming, indeed, that there are zero problems left, get ready for its launch!

Step IX: Preparing for Launch

Prior to exposing it to the live audience, review the official submission checklist. This includes the landing page, a press kit, social media marketing channels, and it’s content. And alas, get ready for the big launch!

Step X: Launch

Launch not just your application but also your marketing strategies. In effect, use mediums like email chains, blogs, and video advertising. Moreover, instead of one-way communication, ensure you have a response page so the users can also provide their reviews easily.

Step XI: After- Launch Upgrades

Lastly, get yourself noticed through app store optimization so people are more connected with you. Also, be well-informed and stay aware with regular updates for the best of your users and for yourself so you can build long-term relationships with them.


If you’re looking for a job, or are interested in working odd jobs for some extra income, an errand running service is just your calling. More so, if you’re a currently unemployed professional who is searching for a platform to get a job that aligns with your capabilities- we believe by now you know what you have to do.

So go ahead and follow the simple steps to create stronger connections over the internet today!

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