A Comprehensive Guide to Best Pediatrics EMR

What is Pediatric EMR software? 

Electronic medical records (EMR) software is an accessible and efficient mode of recording patient data. Now you can digitize their medical history and have several features that can analyze the data for you. It also allows you to record the various treatment procedures several times more securely than the alternative of physically recording it. 

Pediatric EMR is specially made to record patient data specific to pediatrics. Features like being pinged as a reminder on vaccination due dates make the job more error-free than ever before. In addition, the best pediatrics EMR has access to state and hospital records, quickly making it possible to get access to the BMI and growth charts of preterm babies and infants. There are several pediatric EMR out in the market, and a list of the best software out there can further enhance your practice. 

Best Pediatric EMR for Your Practice 

PrognoCIS Pediatric EMR 

PrognoCIS is the best cloud-based EMR pediatrics software, well-integrated with web services. And therefore has an above-average capacity to retain data. Large in its scope, you will also find it easy to use. Produced by Bizmatics Inc. The software gives you a range of features that you can mix and match to get the settings best suited to your practice. Flexible for first-time users, the interactive dashboard also guides on the stages of setting up the software. You do not need to be a software expert in navigating it. The built-in templates make it easy to find pre-made setups that align with your preference. As a result, it is the best EMR for pediatrics. 

Moreover, this software is CCHIT and MACRA certified and so can be remotely accessed from a range of different devices. It works well with a variety of operating systems like Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS, Windows 7,8, and 10. This means that even if your hardware changes in the future or you decide to update other software. PrognoCIS will still be just as efficient and accessible. And so you can rest assured that it will evolve with the otherwise fast-paced digitized environment of today. To add to it, it is cost-effective too and has perks like allowing free data migration from the current EMR system. Thus making it the best EMR for pediatrics. 

CureMD Software Pediatric EMR 

Recommended for small to midsize practices, this all-in-one CureMD Software has some unique features. This cloud-based EMR system links the managerial staff with the data. Ironing out several potential errors that can pop up in any well-meaning practice. You will find that the electronic prescription features of CureMD Software connect pharmacies all across America. Further easing up the process of getting the best medicine to your patients. Having an accessible database at use by several stakeholders can have wide-ranging benefits, as proven by this best pediatrics EMR software. 

Also, the subscription package is reasonable, considering the unique features provided by the software. CureMD Software’s Integrated Practice Management system gives all administrative staff access to the data and allows them to generate invoices based on it. Rather than having to physically verify the information through cumbersome receipts, access to this detailed data through the best EMR can make the process smoother and quicker in pediatrics. 

Lastly, CureMD Software allows you to access the linked family charts with a single click. You can filter out irrelevant data and immediately get an overview of family history in a manner that would have otherwise taken much more time and effort. This is why it is the best EMR for pediatrics. In addition, early screening for a wide range of medical concerns like autism and ADHD is an automatic integrated feature of this best EMR software; with one click, you can share the result with a diverse range of relevant stakeholders in pediatrics. 

Practice Fusion Pediatric EMR 

Practice Fusion’s unique feature is that this pediatric EMR is one of the largest and best cloud-based EMR currently available, and that gives it access to features that might not be readily available in alternatives. Given the larger space offered by Practice Fusion, this integration is more holistic than others. 

The administrative section has some easy-to-use features that will be a game-changer for your practice, such as automatic scheduling of appointments and billing options that automatically verify insurance eligibility. The larger size means that its sponsors can experiment with a greater range of new features, an exciting and forward-looking addition unique to Practice Fusion. 

Office Practicum Pediatric EMR 

If there is one highlight of Office Practicum pediatric EMR, it’s the fact that it was designed by physicians. And, therefore, best suited to the needs of a pediatrician. That is reflected in the range of options available to you. Designed by Connexin Software, it uniquely provides access to growth chart options especially catered to children with Down’s Syndrome. And preemie-specific growth curves. Even if you are not a software expert, the ready-made templates catering to these specific types of patients make it intuitive software. You can have access to over 175 templates for sick events, an effort by the software to include almost every type of setting into its ready-made options. This best EMR software for pediatrics has been in use for more than 20 years. Trusted by physicians all across the country. 

Furthermore, Office Practicum has received a number of awards, showcasing its reliability. The most recent award is Complete EHR Certification for 2014 Meaningful Use. The business tools that can help chart the financial growth of your practice are an obvious plus to the software. This best EMR software, due to its wide variety of sensitized features in pediatrics, will not disappoint you. 

Our Insights 

We have compiled a list of the best 4 EMR for pediatrics. Depending on the requirements of your practice, you can make a decision about the best pediatrics EMR for you. The above qualities of each pediatric EMR software can assist you in selecting the best EMR software for your needs! 


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